Day 8

February 20, 2007 § 1 Comment

Well, a pretty routine trip for blood work and ultrasound this morning. Some mean phlebotomist, didn’t say a word to me. Had the nice ultrasonographer.

The right side is up to a 20 and one the left, we have

2 17’s, 1 16, 1 13 and 2 12’s!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!

Yes, that is 6. Now, we just need the 12’s and 13’s to get a little bit bigger to be viable.

She said something about Thursday for retrieval but we have to wait and see what the blood work shows. I continue with the 3 vials of Bravelle and 1 vial of Centrotide.

On Centrotide….HOLY CRAP, that stuff stings like crazy. I had a huge welt on my tummy and literally couldn’t button my pants for about an hour. I injected just below the navel and WOW….. I consider myself to be pretty tough when it comes to taking the shots, but that one nearly floored me.

I picked up the Rx for Medrol (which the nurses did not specify as to be filled generically, duh!!!) and a generic z-pack (antibiotic) for the retrieval. Not sure when I am supposed to start them but I am sure someone will let me know.

So, I wait for blood work results and instructions…. happy Mardi Gras!!!
Post script: 6:05 PM
Blood work results:
Estriadol: 261
Progesterone: .7
LH : 2
FSH: 7
More blood work and another ultrasound tomorrow, but in New Jersey as Melrose has no appointments available. I am to continue with the Bravelle (just stabbed) and the Centrotide (the Stinger).
They will probably have me do the HCG tomorrow night and then retrieval on Friday. I am sure that they won’t take the smaller, underdeveloped ones, so we may get 3 out of this. Hubby and I have decided to try to implant 2. I was really hoping to have more to freeze (just in case).
It is was it is, I guess.

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