Day #9

February 22, 2007 § 1 Comment



Estriadol 242 ( a little lower than yesterday)

Progesterone 1.2

LH 2



2 Mature follicles : a 21(L) and 24 (R)

Also, 2 smaller on the left (12 and 10) but they should continue to grow even though we are triggering ovulation tonight with HCG.

We have to do the injection at 11:45 tonight. I hope I can stay awake that late. I still do my 3 bravelle tonight.

I have to have more blood drawn in the morning and we are scheduled for Friday morning at 8:30 am for the egg retrieval. I’m supposed to drink alot of water tomorrow, which is not a big deal. I am a big water drinker anyway. Nothing to eat or drink after midnight (normal) and we are to bring $500 cash or money order for the anesthesia (not covered by insurance).

Getting excited. Hoping for 4 good eggs!!!!

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