March 27, 2007 § 1 Comment

I didn’t sleep well last night. I’m sure it had something to do with hubby snoring and having the bedroom window open. you see, we live on a main street and this time of year, not warm enough to put the air conditioner in the window, but too warm to leave window closed, is my least favorite time of year. To boot, I think my allergies are kicking in.


Got up and made some awful decaf hazelnut coffee, did my progesterone and am now getting ready for another day of work (trying not to get bit, scratched etc) by the lovely animals that I help to care for.

Dad and Grandma got stranded in Newark last night. Dad is supposed to be flying Grandma back out to the west coast. There was bad weather in CT and they missed their connecting flight in Newark and got to spend the night there. Oh, how I do not miss my traveling days. (used to train Medical Practice Management Software….NATIONWIDE) So, Dad will fly her out and turn around and fly back home. He forgets that he will be 64 not 46 this year.

Ta-Ta’s are still killing me. Couldn’t even manage a bra yesterday, instead opted for tank top with built in bra. Seemed to do the trick. Note to self: must buy more of these amazing things.

Thank you all for you comments. What a terrific surprise to come home after work so see that I am not alone in this. It is a great source of inspiration.

oh…. also, I have reconnected with a bunch of friends from high school. One of which was nice enough to dig up our pre-prom picture. I cannot explain what I was thinking with my hair but I am the one on the far right……


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  • Portia P says:

    You sound in great sprits.I had a bad night due to my hubbie’s snoring too. Then lay worrying about the effect sleep deprivation would have on my implanting embryos.I’m waiting here with you xx

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