April 7, 2007 § 2 Comments

We were delighted to learn on Thursday that we got our BFP.

My hcg beta was 294. To Me it seems high for only 12dp3dt. Progesterone was 160 and Estriadol was 840. We transferred 3 embryos on the 24 of March.

I am getting ready to head out for a follow up HCG and keeping my fingers crossed.My RE’s office has had more that 30 women get pregnant this month already!

This has been such a long road for us. We did 11 IUI with another office and they just seemed clueless. We finally gave up and switched to Cooper. We did an IUI in November (due to finances) and an IVF in February where I only produced 2 follicles. The one egg they were able to retrieve did not fertilize. I was devastated. We almost gave up.

This last time, we had 22 follicles and 16 eggs retrieved. 11 fertilized and we transferred three on 3/24.I am not sure if my feet have actually hit the ground yet…I know that I am still cramping. I know that I am having a hard time sleeping.

I suppose that is all normal.Ladies, just don’t give up. It can happen. If this was easy, you wouldn’t appreciate it as much.


§ 2 Responses to 2dpBFP

  • Knock Me Up says:

    Kari, that is an unbelievable turn around on follicle/egg production from the first time. Did you change your protocol from one to the next.I’m very excited to hear today’s beta #. 294 does seem pretty high, have you check one of the online beta # information sites for comps? Fingers crossed for an out of sight number today.Merideth

  • andi says:

    Very pleased to hear your news!! Sounds like more than one on board. Keep us posted with your news.Andi

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