13 weeks today

June 6, 2007 § 4 Comments

Things have been pretty quiet recently. Last Friday, I went for my NT scan and the kids were doing just fine. I didn’t get to meet with a doctor which was disappointing to say the least. It was nice to see both of the kids moving around for such a long time. I have another ultrasound on the 15th and then again on the 29th. I guess I should get used to trips at least every 2 weeks. I was used to seeing the kids every week and honestly, it was hard to go 2 weeks, but I made it. They are just growing so fast…..

We spent the weekend in Connecticut with my parents and Aunt from Buffalo. Saturday morning we went fishing and then in the afternoon, drove to Boston to pick up Grandma at the airport. She was really happy to learn that we were having twins. She told us that we must be making up for lost time. She really has no concept of everything that we have been through in the last two years.

Yesterday was my official last day of work for the foreseeable future. Leaving was weird. It kind of felt like the last day of school. I know that it is the best thing for the pregnancy but I also know I am going to go stir crazy in the house. I am trying to set an agenda of little projects to do.

One of the girls that Hubby works with is also pregnant. They had a bit of a scare today and she is in the hospital with bleeding. Hubby will be working late the next few days to try to help pick up some of the slack. He was just so moved by the whole deal, he called me just to make sure that “we” were all right. He is so sweet.
I feel fat all the time now. I am most definitely into maternity clothing. There are times that I just cannot eat. I feel like if I eat anything else, I will explode. That is usually after a sandwich or small snack. I still have not gained any baby weight but do have the belly sticking out. I guess I’ll have to post a belly picture…….

§ 4 Responses to 13 weeks today

  • Knock Me Up says:

    ooh, they look like little babies now! very nice.

  • Becks says:

    They are so noticable! It must be the best feeling in the world, hope more of us can join you soon.

  • Mony says:

    We are at exactly the same stage. To the day!

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow…I have just spent an hour reading about your journey. I am 6 day P3DET. I live in Canada and the clinic I go to will only put a max of 2E’s back in if you are under 34. I feel like I am at the beginning of your journey. Actually the reason I read your page is because the last two days I have had cramping that comes and goes (woke me up from my sleep last night). I too tried IUI 12 times with no success. This is my first IVF – We put two E’s back in and have 7 4-cell E’s frozen. I hope I have the same outcome as you. CONGRATS.

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