June 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

So, our 14 week ultrasound is being rescheduled until next Wednesday. My mother called last night to let us know that my Uncle Bob had passed away. He was my Grandfather’s youngest brother and was such a trip. When I was little, I can remember going over to his house and his entire basement was all Lionel trains. It was the coolest thing. He was the only person in the world who I knew personally that smoked. Amazingly, it was not lung cancer that killed him. He came to our wedding and seemed so frail to me. He took over during the reception, requesting our pianist to play songs he liked to sing too. It was a riot.

I will be driving up to Buffalo for the services on Friday instead of having my ultrasound. I spoke with my ob and got his approval. Hubby is worried, of course, about me driving 6 1/2 hours by myself. It’s no big deal, I’ve got my ipod, my cell phone and a map…I’ll be just fine.

I’ve also discovered that Burger King onion rings are the arch enemy of the pregnant woman. I thought I wanted them yesterday but by last night, I was sure that I had made a huge mistake. Thank God for TUMS….. Am feeling much better this morning.

So Friday morning, I will get up with hubby and head off to the wilds of Buffalo. Mom and dad and I will be staying at a motel up there in lieu of staying with my aunt (long story). It will be nice to see my home city again. We didn’t go this year for our anniversary due to all of my morning sickness.

Hoping that the babies are doing fine. I hate waiting to see them. I don;t know how low risk women can go their entire pregnancies with only one or two ultrasounds. I have grown so used to seeing them every week or two. I ma sure they are going to be much bigger next Wednesday. Who knows, maybe we can even find out the sexes……that would be great!!!


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