Baby Shower….

October 8, 2007 § Leave a comment

( Daniel and Melissa’s Cake)

( Bottle Challenge)

( Clothesline from Julie and Janet)

Well, we had a blast at our baby shower yesterday. Daniel and Melissa received lots and lots and lots of goodies. Today I am sorting through everything try to find places to things. These kids are going to be the best dressed kids in town.
We played a few games, including “the diaper game” with melted candy bars. Go Julie and Janet…you are both winners to me!
Some of the guys took the bottle challenge and raced to see who could finish their bottle first. This was hysterical! 4 grown men and alcohol in baby bottles!!!
We also had a beautful cake with pink and blue booties on it! I have tons left over if anyone wants some……
I am a little tired today, the kids, however don’t seem bothered by my exhaustion. They are still pretending they are George Foreman and Muhammed Ali right now. They had me up at least 4 times in the night. I know…get used to sleep deprivation……


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