10 day update

October 26, 2007 § Leave a comment

Melissa’s Big Yawn
Melissa in Pink

Daniel in blue

Daniel and his binkie

Daniel and Melissa are doing better than everyone expected. On Wednesday, they were moved to the step down unit and Melissa came off of her nasal cannula. They are both off of their IV fluids and only have their NG (feeding) tubes in place.
We made an attempt yesterday to put Daniel to breast. He made a few good efforts but the nurse also was giving him his milk at a really fast rate and Daniel decided to spit up quite a bit. The nurse was brand new….ok, first time bad on me, second time, bad on you).
Melissa did much better. She took 5 cc from the breast and is a champion sucker!!!! This would be the first thing she has gotten to do that Daniel hasn’t done before. I am very proud of her.
They are changing so much every day. They are more awake and are wearing their little onesies that SDM got for them. They look so adorable. (THANK YOU!)
I am sleeping better and only need my pain meds at night. Pumping is going pretty well too. First thing in the morning after a night’s rest is the best. I am getting more than 6 oz. I hopefully will be able to start freezing some of my milk so we have a store of it.
I am going back for their noon feeding today after I get some running around done. I have lost 38.6 lbs since I delivered them and and only 8.4 lbs away from what I weighed in high school! I have gotten close to that in several dieting attempts but never made it. Now that I am nursing it is easy. I can eat just about anything I want and the weight is falling off. Kind of neat……


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