3 months later

January 16, 2008 § Leave a comment

It has hard to believe that it has been three months since our little miracles arrived. They have changed so much. There are both nearly 11 lbs and have their own very different personalities. They are huge compared to when they were born. They were so little and helpless and now they seem so big and strong. Daniel is our little “bobble head”. He loves to head-butt Mommy when he is hungry. Melissa is a cuddle bug. She loves curling up on Daddy’s chest and holds on to him for dear life.

They really are amazing and I don’t think that I have ever loved anything or anyone as much as I love them.

I am still pumping and mixing my milk with formula. It would be impossible for me to nurse as I just don’t produce enough milk. Once in while, when they are extra fussy, I try but it is so hard with the two if them. Hopefully, my pump will last. It kind of got stepped on last weekend and is now being held together with tape. I still have a large supply in the freezer just in case it decides to not work anymore.

I was so sick yesterday. I lost 4 lbs !!! I don’t know of it was something I ate or if it was just a bug that I picked up. I called Hubby and asked if he could come home because I thought I would pass out every time I stood up. He came home and was on baby duty the rest of the day while I tried to rest. My body is still so sore from all of the vomiting etc…. (I know…nice thought).

We are going to Babies R Us today to get the Ocean Wonders Mobile for the nursery. The kids love light! I think they will really like it.


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