Mama said there’d be day like this….

January 18, 2008 § Leave a comment

Well, the kids miraculous ability to sleep the night is apparently selective. They were only up once and I know I should not complain.

This morning has just been comical.

Daniel woke up about 6:45. I changed him, put him back in the crib with his binky and turned on the mobile. He stayed quiet while I went down to warm up the bottles. I came back up and he was fast asleep. I woke him up, put him in the boppy and put him on “autopilot” (bottle in mouth, pillow under bottle…self feeding system…I’m horrible, I know). He managed to spit up all over himself and the boppy. So, I change his clothes and will be throwing the boppy in the wash momentarily. He was also not interested in burping for me this morning so I am sure that he will spit up again.

I had to wake Melissa up. I changed her and gave her her bottle. She, of course, decides to poop. So, I let her finish her bottle and her poop and put her up on the changing table. I change her (what a mess) and decided that I will use a baby wipe to clean her neck folds (which always seem to catch stuff). She hates this. She begins to scream. Keep in mind that I have not yet replaced her diaper. In protest, she pees….everywhere…. So, I put the diaper on her and put her on the floor to dress her. She looks adorable. Pink long sleeve onesie, punk velour pants with little flowers, pink velour jacket. She is radiant and glowing and smiling and looks so cute. I pick up my daughter to hug her and tell her how much Mommy loves her. And then, she spits up, well, pukes rather… everywhere…. The whole side of my cheek and neck, all down the front and side of her. And the child had just burped a huge one not 5 minutes before.

So, it will be laundry for me today….

It is just going to be one of those days.


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