The day to day in Babyville

February 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

The kids are doing really well. Most nights, they are sleeping straight through. Sometimes, they are awake at 4 or 5 am but after a diaper change and a bottle, they go right back to sleep.

They are finally on regular formula which will be a huge money saver for us. I can get the store brand of enfamil big can for $20 instead of paying $15 for a 12 oz can. They are still getting a mix of formula and breast milk although it seems my supply is starting to dwindle. I am trying to keep myself rested and hydrated and pump every 2-3 hours. We’ll have to see how that goes.

Mom and Dad have given us their old car (a 2002 Camry). This will replace our 1995 Jeep Cherokee with 156,000 miles on it. The jeep was on it’s last legs and needed to have the entire exhaust system replaced in order to pass inspection. That would have been a $1500 repair bill. We would have done it because $1500 is still cheaper than a new car or a car note to pay every month.

The piles of laundry are daunting. The 15 bottles that need to be washed are ever present. I am managing… somehow…

I just had to run out to the post office to mail some documents to Mom and Dad to get the car thing taken care of. I was hoping that our neighbor could pop over to watch the kids for a minute but she had to run out. So, I loaded the half sleeping kids into their carseats and then the car. It is a sight to behold to see me walking out to the car with both carseats. The kids are 15 lbs and I swear the carseats are 10 each. It’s not really a walk, more of something like you would see on one of the “Worlds Strongest men” competitions when they are carrying beer kegs under their arms.

I get to the post office and for half a second considered leaving the kids in the car. Daniel decided that he would not let this happen and started screaming. So, into the baby trend we go. I get inside and fill out the express mail form and get back in line. Daniel is STILL screaming, not just whining…SCREAMING like he is being stuck with needles. Meanwhile, the lobby fills up and I can feel the eyeballs on me. I finish up and try to negotiate my way out of the lobby. Lucky for me, there are still a few nice people in the world who will hold the doors for me. I heard one lady remark that “that’s a lot of work for one person”. Yes, lady, it is…. and I do it everyday….

Melissa is fussing so I guess that is all I will get to write today.


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