Visits with Grandma

March 10, 2008 § Leave a comment

With Grandma 3/08

Posted by PicasaWith Grandma 12/07
My mother came to help out and visit this weekend.
Here is a comparison of how much bigger the kids are now.
My mother has been a huge help to us in taking care of the kids.
They are more of a handful now. She had a fun time with them Saturday night while
we were at our Tartan Terrors show in Jim Thorpe.
They had her running.
It can be quite an experience when they both get going. You calm one down and the other decides to just go crazy….
At least they sleep through the night.
They are missing their grandmother today…. she flew back to PGH on Southwest (which managed to only be an hour late leaving PHL). We watched the flight on a flight tracking website to make sure that she got there. Grandpa was there to pick her up and get her home safely….
We will see her again at Easter. It will be the first “road trip” for the twins…..should be yet another adventure…..

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