Another Sleepless Night

June 18, 2008 § 1 Comment

We put the kids to bed around 8 last night, even though we skipped their bath. They did great for a while and then WAMMO! 1 am rolls around and Daniel has a melt down. So, we put him in bed with us (again). I know that we can’t keep doing this because he will get used to it and I will never have another restful night of sleep again.

So, I decided to bathe the kids myself today. Well, actually, Daniel took an atomic dump and got poop everywhere…I mean everywhere…the kid was brown from the nibbies to the knees…. sometimes there aren’t enough wipes in the world…..

Keep in mind, it is much easier if I am in the tub with them that traying to lean over the side of the tub and keep them in the little plastic one. Normally, one of us is in the tub with them. Boy, when you try to do it yourself, it is a challenge. They are slippery little suckers!!!!

So I am getting ready to go to work and trying to keep the kids awake so that mayber they will get a nap in later and give Daddy a break. I know that he is tired from work and it is lot for him to walk in the door and take on Daddy Duty, but I do it all day, everyday…

It is much cooler here today and we are finally able to turn off the AC. I mean between diapers, wipes, formula, food and gasoline…the last thing that I need to a huge electric bill….

§ One Response to Another Sleepless Night

  • Keeping The Faith says:

    Sleepless nights *sigh* I had one last night *yawn* My Matthew is waking up half a dozen times a night right now. I have no idea why and its been going on for the last week or two. Driving me crazy.You bath both at once? That must be challenging. I haven’t tried that yet. I usually bath one and then the other which I have down to an art form. I look forward to when they are a little older and will get in together and play while bathing.

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