Embryo Donation

July 22, 2008 § 3 Comments

After much discussion and thought, we have decided to donate our remaining frozen embryos to another couple. We are in the starting process of working with a group that specializes in embryo donation. As much as I loved being pregnant…no really..for all of my complaining about being sore and tired, it really was a great 7 months. I glowed!!! I was nice to people (which I am not all the time….kinda bit*hy at times). I nested. And I would do it all over again….

~Hubby is getting older. ( 16 years older than I am)
~Our house is not terribly large. It is a 3 bedroom and we have no plans to move in the foreseeable future.
~I wasn’t able to keep the pregnancy to term and probably should not risk trying it again.
~God blessed us with a son and a daughter. We’re not greedy.
~There is another couple who are where we were and are ready to give up.

So, now the decision making process starts. How do you choose? How do you know that you have made the right choice?

This is the information we decided to include on our profile:

We are infertility survivors. We know, all too well, the anguish and heart ached of not being able to conceive naturally. We trusted God and were richly rewarded and blessed with our son Daniel and daughter, Melissa.

My husband comes from the upper midwest and is the oldest of 6 children. He is very conservative and is a US Army veteran. Family and faith are paramount in his life. He is a strong and active man with an incredible work ethic.

I am from the Great Lakes area and the younger of two daughters. My parents are both ordained ministers. Although I had many career opportunities (medical school), I followed my heart and driving desire to be a wife and mother and put all my efforts into a marriage and family. Little did I know the uphill battles I would face with our fertility.

Our babies were born 10 weeks early and spent their first few weeks of life in the NICU. They came home and have been growing, thriving and developing everyday. They are truly miracles. When they were born, they each weighed less than 4 lbs. They were so tiny and yet so perfect. When we look at them now, it is hard to believe that these are the same babies. They are now so big and strong. We are so blessed.

We hope that these little lives, which are already miracles, are born into and raised in love and great faith and that they become the great joy in a loving family’s life.

We are trusting God to direct our decision in entrusting these gifts that were given to us. We hope that God grants all of the families waiting for their miracle peace and understanding.

K and D

Anyone have any thoughts???


§ 3 Responses to Embryo Donation

  • cat says:

    Huge decision! You are so brave and have so much love in your heart to be able to pass on the gift of children to strangers. I commend you and pray with you that these little people will bring others joy too. Love & light to you.

  • Mike & Jill says:

    Wow! This is an amazing gift that you are able and willing to share with others. It is truly self-less, heartfelt and I’m sure wasn’t a decision taken lightly. I have enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to your future posts. Best,Jill

  • Two Kayaks says:

    It is a huge decision and utterly selfless of you to even consider doing this for another couple experiencing infertility. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for eight years and have recently decided to pursue embryo donation (as recipients). We are just so amazed and thankful that there are people like you who would do this for others. Best of luck in your search for the right couple for your embryos and congratulations on your babies!

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