Feeling Like the WORST Mother in the World

July 25, 2008 § 4 Comments

Today was not a good day.

Not even a little bit.

It started out as normal as any other day. The kids got up, I got them dressed, took them downstairs, gave them breakfast and then they played.

I decided that I would take them shopping since our only “upscale market” in the area is closing and everything was going to be 30% off. I had bought some amazing chorizo sausage there a few weeks back and figured that if they had any left, I would buy it. I also figured that 30% baby food is a pretty good deal.

So, we got to the store, did our shopping and headed to see Daddy at work.

So far, so good…..

My parents have a trailer (camping) and I had been doing some investigating for them to find a place to store the trailer. I had called around and found a place and it was just up the road from where the hubby works. So we went.

There were two men working the counter at the camping store. Daniel was being fussy and he was wet, I knew he was wet, but there were not a whole lot of places to change him. I had him in the front seat of the stroller. Melissa had been asleep when I put her in the fully reclined rear seat. (please note…this is where I made my BONEHEAD mistake). I didn’t strap her in. It was not a conscious thing…I just didn’t do it. She was asleep.

While filling out the rental agreement, Daniel was fussing. So I am trying to keep him entertained, talk to my parents on my cell phone, getting the information about the trailer that I needed for the paperwork. Then I see Melissa rolling over. No big deal.

The very next instant, I see Melissa in the basket UNDER HER SEAT.


You read that correctly.


And she was screaming.

Somehow, the child slid down at the footrest into the basket.

So now I am FREAKING OUT!!!

I am trying to get her out and her little foot is caught. I tried to lower the basket but her foot wouldn’t budge. And she is screaming, and I am FREAKING.

I finally told the one man at the counter to call 911 becuase I couldn’t figure out how I was going to free her foot without breaking her leg.

Finally, the older of the two men cam e over to help. He managed to wriggle her foot free.

I grabbed her and pulled her out. She immediately stopped crying. I was shaking so bad.

I was mortified. Actually, I still am.

I am so STUPID.

It all happened so fast.

I vowed that I was getting a side by side stroller because there is no basket to wriggle into.

I feel like the worst mother in the world.

I finally calm down. I am driving home. I realize that it is 12:30 and I haven’t had breakfast yet.
So I run through the drive through at Mickey D’s. Yeah, not the healthiest choice for lunch but that is another subject for another day. I go around the corner from the ordering board and to the window where you pay. I check the rear view mirror and Daniel’s car seat has tipped.

Yeah…when it rains it pours. Seriously, I am not trying to “off” my kids.

So, I reach around and push it back upright, get my food and pull ahead to fix Daniel.

I then remembered that it was my dad who put the car seats back in the car after they kids stayed with them. So, just this once, I am not going to blame myself for improperly installing the car seat. I am going to only blame myself a little bit for not double checking my dad’s installation.

What a friggin day!

But it is not the stroller’s fault. It is mine. All mine.


§ 4 Responses to Feeling Like the WORST Mother in the World

  • cat says:

    We all do little things that may or may not result in accidents. Do not be so hard on yourself – everything worked out fine, no harm done. But a side by side stroller is really nice.

  • Amy says:

    Don’t sweat it too much! Some days are just like that when you’re a mom. I have to remind myself of that everyday with 3 little guys!!!! There’s a reason that they don’t remember being so young….

  • Kellie says:

    Accidents happen. It’s good that she wasn’t hurt. I forgot the baby gate once and my daughter fell down 3 stairs, head first onto ceramic tile. She ended up with a NASTY bruise, I felt horrible.Enjoy your twins they grow so fast!

  • Kirsten says:

    Let me make you feel a little (or a lot)better…A few months ago, I took my girls to the grocery store with my mom. She took one, I took the other (I got Chayse). I didn’t want her to lay back in the carseat so I didn’t lock it into the shopping cart; just kind of set her on it and held on to her the whole time. Except for when we were coming out of the store. My mom was ahead of us and when we went down the little ramp out to the parking lot…BAM…I ran over the curb on accident and the carseat, with Chayse in it, flipped out of the cart. The carseat was upside-down on the pavement. I FREAKED. Thank God, the handle had been down so it kept Chayse from hitting her head on the pavement…she had one little knot on her head from hitting the handle but it could have been SOOOOO much worse. I was shaking for an hour and just felt sick for not locking her in. Needless to say, that was the last time I used the carseat in the shopping cart!!!

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