Birthdays, Basements and Surgical Procedures, Oh My!!!

August 2, 2008 § 4 Comments

So, yesterday was a good day. I woke up with a phone call from my Aunt who calls every year to sing Happy Birthday to me. She woke me up at 7:30 but I was just milking the sleeping since Dean was downstairs with the kids already.

He made me breakfast and then I went for a much needed pedicure. I do so love my pedicures.

When I got back, he informed me that my OB/Gyn’s office called. I am scheduled for 8/8 for an Endometrial Ablation (they cryofreeze the endometrium so it goes away….no endometrium=no bleeding every month). It might be TMI, but AF has been very strange. I had the normal post partum deal and then it just never went away. So, for the last 9 1/2 months, it is been pretty much nonstop. They tried me on 3 different kinds of Oral Contraceptives to try to regulate it, but even the “strongest” pill, did not work. The only relief was when they had me double up and take two pills a day. So, now, since we have decided that any more children are out of the question, I am having to EA done.

I had actually asked about a hysterectomy, but being in my mid thirties doesn’t make me an ideal candidate. So, we will have the in office procedure and then a couple weeks later, they are putting in a Mirena IUD to have a slow release of progesterone. Eventually AF will not exist at all. That is fine with me. My Mother didn’t hit menopause until she was 60 and the thought of AF until then is just INSANE!!!!!!!!


We spend most of the rest of yesterday cleaning out our basement. Not exactly fun, but it needed to be done. A friend is moving this weekend and was nice enough to rid us of a couple air conditioners, a bed, a TV and TV stand. So, in order to get all that out, we really HAD to clean. We eventually want to turn the basement into a family room or at the minimum, a man cave for Dean…. Nothing but the History Channel, The Military Channel and a kegerator.

We are having a get together tonight. A lot of the same gang we went camping with last month. So I hope the predicted “spotty storms” stay away at least long enough to get a few games of Redneck Horseshoes in.


§ 4 Responses to Birthdays, Basements and Surgical Procedures, Oh My!!!

  • Keeping The Faith says:

    First…regarding the bad mom earlier post. We all have similar stories or will at some point. I’m just glad no one got hurt. I know this post reinforced how I need to never put the boys in the swing or high chair unstrapped. I have done that. 2nd, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!! Yeah for pedicures. I could sure use one. 3rd, Let us know how the EA goes… I’m curious. I’ve heard both good and bad. Mostly good. But one friend of mine did EA and her periods came back worse than ever. So that scared me off some. But I think overall it works 95% of the time. Sorry to hear you’ve been bleeding non-stop. I did that 4 periods a year birth control pill and it made me bleed for 45 days straight. Horrible. Enjoy your weekend!

  • cat says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope this is the solution. I have heard great things about Mirenas, but also not so great things. My gynea said that at a stage she removed up to half of the ones placed. I am also considering this – so please keep us informed of how it goes.

  • Kirsten says:

    Happy belated b-day!!I have to admit, this is the first time I have heard of EA, which surprises me since I have severe endo…I kind of wonder why it was never mentioned by my RE. I was told (can’t remember if it was by him or by my 1st OB who has since been fired) that once I am finished having children, a hysterectomy would be the most wise choice…I don’t really want that in my 30’s though. Let me know how it goes and I’ll definitely do some research as well!All the best šŸ™‚

  • Kellie says:

    Happy Birthday…Hope the EA does the trick for you, 9 1/2 months is way to long! You poor girl!

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