New Digs, Kiddie Updates, Random Gripes….

August 14, 2008 § 4 Comments

After finally getting fed up with blogger, I have decided to give wordpress a try.

I am doing fine 6 days after the EA.  Some minor cramping, but nothing too bad.

The kids are doing fine.  They had their 9 month check up on Tuesday (yes, they will be 10 months on Saturday…the pediatrician is a little behind).

The stats are:

Daniel: 25.6 lbs  (95th percentile) and 29 inches tall (90th percentile)

Melissa: 23.3 lbs (97th percentile) and 30 inches tall (95th percentile).

I was a little peeved as the dr. told me that we have been feeding them too much and that we have managed to stretch their stomachs.  Also, that after 4 months of age, the babies don’t need a bottle overnight.  Yeah RIGHT.  That might have been something they could have mentioned at a previous appointment so the kids didn’t get used to it.  Now, it is going to be pure hell getting them off the middle of the night bottle.  She told me that they can go 6-8 hours without food.  Well, if they go to sleep at 7:30 pm and get up at 7:00 am they should get a bottle in there somewhere…. it is simple math.  Hubby is not too happy with the doctor.

Also, they have been “cleared” to go on to some regular people food.  Mashed potatoes, waffle bits, avocado, cottage cheese, etc.  Now this is what I don’t understand…I have to wait until they are 12 months old to put them on regular milk…but they can have cottage cheese now?  Isn’t cottage cheese made from milk?  It makes no sense to me.

I am also supposed to take them for a hemglobin check.  Because we have the world’s crappies insurance, we have to take them to an outside lab to have this done.  I personally have no confidence in these people as I have had my blood drawn there and they don’t exactly have the “touch” when it comes to blood draws.  I can’t imagine them trying to get blood from two wiggling babies.  I can’t see torturing the kids like that.

In other news, there was a huge apartment complex fire not too far from us.  375 apartments burned out.  It is awful.  I feel so terrible for these people and especially the ones who lost their pets.  I was working at the Firehouse when the news broke.  They pulled every fire company within a 20 mile radius to respond to the call.  Mass Chaos!!!


§ 4 Responses to New Digs, Kiddie Updates, Random Gripes….

  • geminigirl64 says:

    wow- you really give them a bottle in middle of the night?

    My girls sleep from 7pm- 7am and thank GD they dont wake up to eat. They can def go 12 hours without food.
    Your babies are little cuties!!!

  • singletracey says:

    I will make sure to update my bookmark! I can’t believe the Dr. said that to you… Would of been nice to have mentioned that before…. gosh..

    Anyhoo.. just caught up and I say YEAH for embryo donation!!

  • silver says:

    Glad to hear that you are recovering from your EA.

    Hope the blood tests go well.

    It took me two nights to break my daughter of the night time feeds at about 7 months ( my boys were done them at 4 months that was MUCH better). The first night she screamed for 45 mins (that was really hard), the next night for about 30 mins, and the 3rd night she was done! She has been sleeping through the night ever since. Good luck

    That is awful about the fire.

    Take care

  • cat says:

    My 10 month olds go without milk or feed for an 11 to 12 hour shift at night, so can be doe. I so wish mine were as heavy and big as yours – they were so big for twins at birth but seem to have fallen behind.

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