Minor Disaster Averted….Again

August 19, 2008 § 2 Comments

So, on Friday, I was all set to take the kids out shopping.  And the car wouldn’t start.  So, I jumped it.  It started.  I let it run for at least an hour and thought nothing more of it.  I never went out anywhere.

Then, yesterday, I was in the process of loading the kids in the car and went to start it turn the AC.  That’s right, it wouldn’t start.  So, I figured we needed a new battery.  So, hubby stopped at Walmart last night and picked up a new battery…to the tune of $100.  He came home, installed it and started it.  No problem.  Hubby thought it best to take the car over this morning to have the car checked anyway.

So, I go out and start the car.  It starts and I figured that this would be a wasted trip.

How wrong was I?

I drove down the alley and thought the car seemed sluggish.  That would be because I was running off the battery.  So, no AC, no power brakes, etc.  At stop lights, I had to put it into park and keep my foot on the gas so that the engine wouldn’t stall.  For three miles I did this.  I prayed at every intersection for green lights.  I mean, if the car was going to die, you know it would happen in the middle of a busy intersection…and I would have to put on the “SuperMom” costume and push my car to safety, with my twins in the back.  I am sure with the half pot of coffee I drank, coupled with the adrenaline rush, I could have moved anything.  But I didn’t have to.

I made it to the garage.  I coasted in as the car was dying.  It wasn’t the battery.  It is the alternator.  We were so lucky to even make it to the garage.  I was still shaking by the time hubby came to my rescue.  He brought me back home and I finally exhaled.

What else can go wrong???

I’m bleeding again.  Joy.  Really.  Joy Friggin’ Joy!


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§ 2 Responses to Minor Disaster Averted….Again

  • Helene says:

    I’m so glad to hear you got to the garage safely and figured out what the problem is! I have no clue about cars so I probably would’ve just cried my whole way to the garage or, better yet, made my husband drive the car in case it broke down. You are a brave woman!!!!

  • silver says:

    Yikes to the car and kids in the car!

    Hope the other stops! 😦

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