August 24, 2008 § 2 Comments

So all systems are go with the Mirena.  Mommy is pretty happy about that.

Mommy is not so happy about some other stuff…

We decided that it was time to clean the carpets.  We have a steam cleaner.  So, this morning…hubby turned into the cleaning monster.  I was sent outside to play with the kids while he “did everything else”. 

So I sat out with the kids until they go tired and then put them up in the nursery for their nap.  And the fighting begins.  It ends up with me being a bad mom because the kids had a small amount of the breakfast still on their face.  Oh, and “this house is full of crap” (yes, we have two little people and 3 little shedding dogs living with us), and I need to learn how to do laundry (and he needs to learn to find the hamper), and… on so on so on…..

It has just been a great day so far.  I am starting to dread weekends when he is home.  As much as I need a break from the kids, I don’t need to be verbally berated at every turn.

So, I sent him out.  I am trying to steal a quiet moment for myslef in between cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry.  My only solace these days are watching “Burn Notice” on  For some reason, I am never able to stay awake to watch it when it is on.  But that Jeffre.y Don.ovan is one yummy lookin’ guy.

Well, Daniel has managed to pass out n the jolly jumper.  I guess I am a bad mommy…..


§ 2 Responses to GRRRRRRRRR

  • Helene says:

    Awww, I’m sorry you had a rough day. My husband can sometimes be overly critical too and it irritates me to no end. Like when he complains because sometimes I don’t clean off the plates before putting them in the dishwasher (as if I have time to do that? he’s lucky I found time to even put them IN the dishwasher). I honestly think sometimes men just don’t understand how sensitive we are to even the most innocent sounding comment. We are trying to be supermoms and superwives, after all….and we are only human!!

  • silver says:

    Husbands can be interesting some times. Good Luck. If I don’t have the dishes done before mine gets home he is grumpy all night. Ugg. The worst part is he doesn’t say anything he just gets p-oed, for the evening.

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