Shoes For Big Feet Babies

August 26, 2008 § 3 Comments

Yeah, so I neglected to mention that I bought shoes for the monsters yesterday.  Size 5 shoes.  Giant shoes.

Daniel has these square, wide, brick shaped, Fred Flint-stone feet.  So, he ended up with these navy blue (bo-bo’s…sorry, not spending a ton of money on shoes for the kids…no freakin’ way…$10 is the limit!!!) sneakers with 2 Velcro straps.  Daniel always stands on his toes and I really need him to stop doing that…It just looks like it hurts.  So I put them on him while he was in the jumper and he managed to get one of them off.  He then proceeded to jump on the unshod foot.  And screamed.  He now knows that it hurts.  Some lessons, Mommy has to let the little man learn on his own.

Melissa ended up with little white high top boots.  She loves them.  She is “practicing” walking with help.  I am a little concerned about her feet as well as it seems she is turning her feet inwards.  I was a pigeon toed kid and they ended up putting this device on me with a bar across it to “straighten” my feet out.  To this day, I blame that thing on my multiple knee and ankle issues (and I am sure that all the sports I played had something to do with it).

My parents and 94 year old grandmother are currently on their way here.  They are house hunting over the next few days for their retirement home.  This should be an adventure…

The kids had me up a bunch of times in the night.  But I wasn’t really sleeping.  I made the mistake of watching “Ins.ide the Tow.ers” on D.iscovery channel.  That is not something to go to sleep to.  So, I eventually shut it off and put the old ipod on.  That didn’t work either.  By 3 am, when I was up with Melissa, I just decided to go down on the couch and watch TV.  I couldn’t very well vacuum or anything.  I suppose I could have done laundry, but that is hard in the dark too.  So, I watched TV.  Hubby got up and ready and was out the door to work.  He called a few minutes ago and is not sure hwat time he will be getting home tonight.  Funny how “crazy things are” at work whenever my family is around.  They should be arriving at supper time so I have taken a nice roast out and will “attempt” to make dinner for everyone.  That is going to be up to the kids…..


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§ 3 Responses to Shoes For Big Feet Babies

  • xavier2001 says:

    Holy cow you do have big feet babies! Drew wears a size 4 and my tiny little Livi still swims in her size 3 shoes!

    The toe walking is pretty normal at this age, they’ll outgrow it soon!

  • Kristin says:

    Oh the toe walking is so cute. One of my twins (they’re 19 months) loves to walk on her tippy toes. All the time. Like a ballerina. She is not built like a ballerina. More like a steamroller.

    Anyway, came over from Gemini Girl.

    Your kids are adorable!

  • Helene says:

    Wow, Daniel does have big feet!!! Garrett is 17 mos old and only wears a size 5!! Landon has feet just like Daniel and it’s near impossible to find shoes/sandals for him. I just lucked out and found some at Payless Shoe Source for $7.99…I figure that’ll get him through the rest of the summer.

    I also watched that Twin Towers documentary..I was glued to the tv watching it. It was one of those things where I didn’t really want to watch because of the heartache behind the stories but I was so engrossed in it that I couldn’t turn it off. I found myself in tears at the end.

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