Monday….Oh yeah, wait…it's Tuesday….Duh!!!

September 2, 2008 § 1 Comment

So, yesterday was pretty good.  I made myself pancakes for breakfast.  Dean decided that he wanted potatoes with peppers and onions.  He got the oil a little too hot and then added the potatoes…that had some ice on them and the next thing I saw was a two foot FLAME.  Yes, when my husband decideds to burn something, he goes all out.  I of couse come running in the kitchen screaming at him.  And he says nothing.  He was “concentrating” and getting the pan to the sink…still trying to figure out why he would add more water….BIG GIANT DUH!!!!!  Anyway, the only thing lost was the breakfast.  Scared the CRAPOLA out of me.

The monsters were still tuckered out from being outside the day before.  So, when they went doen for their nap, I went out to help the Hubby with “the yard work”.  Normally, that is weed wacking and running the mower, then the blower.  Well, yesterday was lets cut down a ton of brancehs and fines from the trees handging over our property.  The trees actually belong to our crazy neighbor lady, but she does “NOTHING” at all to maintain her property.  Oh wait, she does throw stuff on other peoples properties, steals flower and laundry from clotheslines.  But keep her space clean, heck no!  Not this old crazy wack job. At least two of her trees have already fallen on to our property and the trees we were working on are right over where we park the cars. 

It was actually kind of fun.  My arms got all shakey afterwards (tells you how out of shape I  have become).  Poor kids were being feed by a Parkinson’s patient the rest of the day.  Our next door neighbors (on the other side) came over to help, another neighbor stopped by, and I discovered that I LOVE power tools.  I like the new Aligator Lo.per that I got Hubby for Christmas last year and the SawSaw. Rahhhh…I am She-Ra!!!!(I am thumping my chest)  Okay, She-Ra may not have had as much going on as far as wobbly bits go..but ya get my drift.

We didn’t plan it, but ended up having supper with our cool neighbors, their son and his friends (it was a gang of twenty-two year olds…yee).  Nothing makes you feel better than seeing twenty-two years old girls in bikinis with almost no body fat out of place.  So, I ate a hot dog….and a hamburger…and some beans….and some potato salad….and some cucumbers becuase they take all the calories away.

I did manage to get a few cute pics of the kids.  Didn’t get a chance to edit them yet but….


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