Baby Jail

September 23, 2008 § 1 Comment

baby jail

baby jail

Kids in Baby Jail
Kids in Baby Jail

The kids really seem to enjoy the baby jail.  We got it at and you can find it here.  We got the foam flooring at and you can get it here.

The kids slept all night.  I can hardly believe it!  They might have gotten up, but I never heard them.  I was exhausted when I went to bed at 9 last night.  I never heard a peep.  How the mighty have fallen…I used to be such a night owl…and now, 8 pm rolls around and I have to fight to stay awake.  I even missed the end of the Phillies game and had to wait until this morning to do my happy dance all over the house.

I went over to party city to look for stuff for the birthday party.  I picked up some hats, bibs and decorations for the firehouse.  I also got bubbles.  They had baby sesame street stuff and baby pooh stuff, but I opted for this for Melissa and thisfor Daniel.  We are having a few, maybe 20 friends come up for cake and such.  Nothing to big or extravagant.  We are doing their party on 10/17/08.  Their acutal birthday is on 10/16/08 but that is the day that my parents are closing on their new house, so we will have a small party with them on the kids birthday.

So I am looking forward to an uneventful day around here….. like there is any chance that will happen!!!


§ One Response to Baby Jail

  • Kirsten says:

    That looks like quite a fun jail to me! We have the foam puzzle, too, but I had to take it up last week because they kept tearing it apart and the pieces were all over the place. We made the blocks out of it but they aren’t as interested in those.
    And big congrats on the full night’s sleep!! It makes such a huge difference.
    Here’s to another peaceful night for you 🙂

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