Kissy Boy and the Little Spotted Girl

November 5, 2008 § 1 Comment

Daniel learned to pucker and give kisses.  He is going to be such a heart-breaker.  He leans in to kiss me and the hubby and it is just the cutest thing.  Last week, they both got their one year vaccinations.  Including the vari.cella vaccination (Chic.ken Pox)…and Miss Melissa managed to get herself in to the 1% of kids who actually develop a mild case.  She has 3 blisters, two on her tummy and one on the inside of her right arm.  I am more bothered by them than she is, I just wish that the pediatrician’s office would have maybe, oh I don’t know, maybe, MENTIONED that this could happen…..  I called them yesterday and they weren’t  very concerned about it.  What the heck am I paying these people for…..

For whatever reason, the kids decided to sleep through the night last night.  They woke up at 5 am when the hubby got up, but took a bottle and slept until 7.  That is the first time since EASTER!!!!  I slept like crap.  I kept having bad dreams.

And today may not be the best day for the kids to nap as we are having our furnace replaced and there are all kinds of noise coming from the basement.  But our furnace was more than 50 years old and really, really needed to be replaced.

I had to call my high school on Monday.  I needed to get my high school transcripts.  Mind you, I graduated in 1992 (barely!) but the community college that I am going to be attending wanted them.  They are by no means indicative of my intelligence…but more indicative of what a screwed up kid I was.  I found out that all of my teachers have retired.  Every single one of them.  Boy, if I wasn’t feeling old already, that just about sealed the deal for me.

I am doing better on my meds.  Things here are still tense and not a day goes by without the hubby “rubbing my nose” in something that I have done.  I haven’t seen my friends in two and half weeks.  I have only left the house to go to the store for groceries.  I hate this.  I feel ostracized.  It is just such a cold place.  It is hard to feel normal about anything.  The hubby is still very suspicious of absolutely everything I do, who I call, who I text, what my emails say…he is even gone so far to selectively delete phone numbers from my phone and delete pictures off of my laptop.  I am feeling kind of like a prisoner in my own home.

Things have to get better, right?


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  • hajar says:

    I think that once you go to school and start to feel confidence in your own abilities it won’t matter so much if your husband has a ‘tude. You can develop your own “I don’t care” ‘tude.

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