December 18, 2008 § 3 Comments

We did it.  We survived the twins’ first photo shoot!!!  Daniel and Melissa, dressed up, Mommy and Daddy in red…and my good friend, “STBMR” was there to help and cheer us on.

We have a TON of pictures.  This is great!  Of course, if I had waited one more day to mail my Christmas cards, I could have sent EVERYONE a picture.  I’m going to have lots of extras!!!  I know that my family will understandif I mail the pictures after Christmas…they understand that standing in a long line with packages at the post office, with two kids in a double umbrella stroller is just an impossibility.  There isn’t enough pro.zac in the world for me to do that….  Better late than never…

The photographer was good.  I am a little bit of a photo snob…(I had a black and white darkroom when I was growing up, I have a great love of photography thanks to my father and grandfather…I even considered it is a career but then realized that I would need to eat….) but he did a nice job.  I believe that I have permanently jaded Daniel from the camera.  My camera has an autofocus / anti-red eye beam.  Daniel sees the beam and scrunches up his face.  Well, our poor photographer had a camera with the same features…and Daniel figured it out.  He is normally very smiley.  Not yesterday. 

Melissa smiles when Melissa feels like it.  So, we tried.  And she made more of a monster growling face rather than an actual smile.  Oh well.  They are 14 months old…it’s not like you can reason with them.  So, the hubby, “STBMR”, me and the photographer are jumping around like idiots trying to get the little girl to crack a smile….yeah….it didn’t work….

But, we did get some great shots and I am content with that.

On our way home, we stopped and picked up a baby gate from a family near by who had put it up for sale on craigs.list.  Hey $7….(and I never pay full price for ANYTHING)

The kids passed out in the car on the way home.  When we got home, we stripped them down to onesies….and they were smiling, happy, playing together….then Melissa bit Daniel.  Daniel screamed.  I come running over and see Daniel’s arm.  WOW!!!  My daughter has some chompers.  And my son has a bruise in the shape of his sister’s mouth to prove it!

The hubby and I sat together on the couch watching stupid videos and more stupid videos on the internet….we were pretty much laughing our butts off.  It was great…I really missed laughing with my husband and didn’t realize it.

The kids are still sleeping…2nd night in a row…..all night……I LOVE IT!!!!

We are supposed to be getting more snow and ice tomorrow.  Crappy weather.  I keep checking the forecast and it looks like both of our travel days to and from my parent’s place in Western PA are going to be clear.  I just get very anxious thinking about winter weather with kids in the car.  in ’94 I was in a bad accident (cute little car vs. a snow plow)….I guess I am still jaded…..


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  • Helene says:

    Glad the photo session was successful! I always feel such pride, too, when we have a successful photo session!! It sounds like things are going better with you, which is wonderful!!! I also find that when my husband slow down and take the time to laugh together over something, it does seem to break the tension that has been built up over time. We always manage to have a laugh or two over something the kids have done! Hope things continue to go well…and WTG on the babies sleeping through the night!!!

  • Hajar says:

    I’m glad you had so much fun! I guess it’s normal for babies to bite, hit, pull hair and so on… I’m just puzzled about how to teach small babies that this is not good behavior. Mine enjoy pulling each other’s hair… *sigh*.

  • twinpapa says:

    I liked your post. : ) You are in for lots of fun with the twins. I noticed that my son had a circular rash in a dotted line pattern. Quick internet research pointed to ringworm as the likely cause. I called the pediatrician just to make sure. By the time, he came on line I had figured out that the strange dotted line pattern lined up perfectly with his sisters little chompers. Nice.

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