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Mothers of Multiples….please help me out!  Heck, anyone with a toddler, help me out!!!

In an act of sheer desperation, I have joined this site.  I hate to have to rely on the goodness of friends, who refuse to take anything in return.  But yet, the hubby and I need to have date nights once in a while.  We need to get out.  It just has to happen.  Even if it is once a month….It is worth it to us to not be beholden to our friends all the time.

What kind of questions do you ask a potential babysitter?  What qualities do you look for?  Does the age of the sitter mean anything (a 55 year old woman vs a 19 year old girl)?  According to the site, I can set up an interview with a potential babysitter.  They have references, they have been background checked, I mean it is pretty comprehensive….  Also, what is the going rate for someone willing to take on twins for an evening?

HELP!  I’m stuck…….


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  • Mary says:

    I don’t have a whole lot of advice but I feel your pain, its hard to get out! We rely alot on family when we can. I do have one babysitter that I trust while the twinnies are awake, she’s 22 and a college student with lots of experience. I have left them with a 15 year old family friend when they are sleeping, we often put the twinnies to bed and then sneak out while we pay her to watch tv and call us if someone wakes up.

    I would definitely check references and ask if they have had specific twin experience or watching several small children at the same time.

    The going rate varies by location (I have asked this same question myself before), I live in the Midwest and we pay $10 an hour for our college girl and $5 an hour for babysitting while the twinnies are sleeping. I would think if you get a sitter off that site the rate would be on the higher end b/c they have references/are probably experienced/etc.

  • Steve says:

    Here some answers to your question about babysitters. Here we go.

    Question #1. Will you bring your own beer or do I need to supply it.

    Question #2. Will your boyfriend please wait till the children go to sleep before he comes over.

    Question #3 Can I find you on the Montgomery County Sherrifs website under the most wanted and active bench warrants?

    Question #4. Will your boyfriend be able to help my drunk a** up the front steps?

    We feel these are great questions that you need to ask.

    Love you
    Steve and Angie

  • Helene says:

    I love Steve and Angie’s response!!! heehee!!

    I actually went through Sittercity to find our former babysitter and I loved her! Of course I had to go through a few rotten apples before I found her. She’s now attending school full-time so she doesn’t have much time to babysit anymore. But she was young, at 20 yrs old, but very mature for her age and she had a lot of babysitting experience. She was the ONLY person who was able to handle all 4 of my kids for several hours all by herself. It was a piece of cake for her!

    One of my preferences was someone who has had experience working with twins. Especially because my kids are still so young. I wanted to make sure the babysitter wouldn’t become easily frustrated with 2 babies crying for bottles at the same time or freak out while trying to give 2 slippery babies baths at the same time.

    I also asked questions about past job experience, what was her best babysitting experience and her worst babysitting experience (that’ll tell you a lot right there!), what methods of discipline she uses, how does she deal with stressful situations, what would she do in the event of an emergency like choking (even though I insisted she be CPR/1st Aide certified, I wanted to make sure she wouldn’t panic and that she would know what to do immediately), does she drive her own car, does she smoke (a huge no-no for me), what would her friends say is her best quality and her worst quality. Those were just a few of the questions I asked. I grilled everyone I interviewed and figured if they were still interested in babysitting, they were probably worth considering.

    I also insisted on references, preferably someone she has babysat for….I also did a background check through Sittercity.

    As far as pay, it varies and I’m not sure where you live. But here in CA, the going rate for twins is probably somewhere around $10-20/hour depending on the age and experience of the babysitter.

    Good luck with the process! Go with your gut! It’s kinda like shopping for a wedding dress. Once you see it, you just know it’s the one. Same with a babysitter….you’ll get a feel for her and you’re gut will tell you if she’s someone you would trust with your kids. Also, a good idea is to meet her in a public place the first time without the kids. You don’t want some wierdo who you don’t end up hiring to hold some grudge and know where you and your children live. Once you think she’d be a good prospect, set up a date for her to come to your house and meet your husband and the kids. You’ll bet an even better sense of her once you see how she interacts with your kids and how they react to her. One lady we interviewed seemed cool to me but my kids did NOT like her for some reason.

  • bee says:

    Just here to say I love your blog and thanks for sharing! I really appreciate hearing I am not the only one.

  • Silver says:

    I hope you find a good babysitter. My hubby and I don’t get out much alone since the kids. We did go to one wedding and the sitting bill was huge. The kids were relatives so it was easy to ‘pick’ them! Good luck (p.s. sorry to hear about the cell phone, that’s why I have mine synced with my computer. Although with my luck I would wash my phone and dump water on my computer all in the same day! 🙂

  • Hajar says:

    We just take our kids everywhere with us. I would not feel comfortable leaving them with anyone else. I don’t trust my own family with them, how can I trust a stranger with them? Sometimes their father keeps them so that I can go out and do my own thing. Sometimes I also take one out with me while he keeps the other one, because I like to have the opportunity to simply focus on one kid for awhile. It’s a treat to give each one my complete attention sometimes.

    By the way, I tagged you.

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