Baby, It's Cold Outside

January 16, 2009 § 1 Comment

Wow!  What a difference!  It is like 10 degrees out, and we have a windchill below zero.

Needless to say, me and the kids will NOT be leaving the house for any reason until things warm up.

Sorry that I haven’t posted much.  I have been distracted by technology…I got a new laptop and a blackberry….I am a happy little girl.  I just need to figure out how Vista works…..It’s a lot different.

The kids are fine, toddling around.  By the way, since they waddle and then crash, why don’t we call them crashers rather than toddlers???

They were both awake at 5 am with the hubby, but after a quick diaper change and a bottle, they were back out until 8 am.  It was nice to wake up on my own….

The teething continues….poor Melissa….three molars at once.

And just for fun…here is a picture of the family right after the kid’s haircut…all of a sudden they look like kids, not babies….sniffle sniffle….I miss those cute little immobile bundles that we brought home from the NICU….

new haircuts for the monsters

new haircuts for the monsters


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