Taking care of EVERYONE!!!

January 22, 2009 § 4 Comments

Before I start my normal writing, I just have to say…..I think the greatest invention in history is the programmable coffee maker.  This was a Christmas gift from my parents and I am just smitten beyond belief with it.  I only wish I had an air freshener that gently sprayed the scent of fresh brewed coffee in my bedroom to wake me.

The hubby had major gum surgery yesterday.  He was in the dentist’s chair for 4 hours!!!  Yes, $8000 worth of dental work in one day.  And he is not a happy camper.  He goes back today to have his new chompers “adjusted”.  He was in a lot of pain yesterday, but in true hubby form did not ask for pain meds when the dentist called to check on him.  He just did his best “John Wayne” (occasionally whining to me…awwww…..honey…..my mouf willy huuts).   Argh……like two babies aren’t enough……now I get another soul to care for who’s mouth is hurting…..

And of course, the kids decided to take a nap yesterday afternoon.  Actually it was kind of nice…sleeping kids upstairs and sleeping hubby on the couch…so I curled up on the loveseat and took a wee snooze myself.  But the downside was that the kids had no interest in going to bed last night.  Daniel was up until 10pm.  Sheesh!!!  Their normal bedtime is 6-7 pm.  He was up at 7 am and seems to be in a bit of a bad mood today.

We have to venture out at some point today.  It isn’t supposed to be terribly cold so off to tar.get we will go.

Melissa has a new “trick”.   She strips.  Yup.  I have a little exhibitionist.  If there is a zipper on her clothing, you better believe that it is down.  She is just all about not being clothed.  It is funny.  Well, it is funny for now.  I can just imagine the phone call from the school principal now…….

Daniel is a walking fool.  He is frankenbaby.  He prefers walking to crawling now.  I am so screwed!

Must sign off now as the little man is pushing the baby jail from the dining room to the living room.  What a sight!


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§ 4 Responses to Taking care of EVERYONE!!!

  • pillarr1 says:

    OK, your husband is brave. I would be so doped up if I had anyone look at my teeth!

    Glad everything is going well. And the walking and pushing the baby jail is just too funny!

  • Helene says:

    Frankenbaby….that has my laughing hysterically! I soooo remember that frankenbaby walk when my little ones were learning to walk!

    Your husband must have a high tolerance for pain!! I could not have that much dental work done in one day to save my life!

  • Hajar says:

    Babies are so cute when they start walking, and pushing the things around that were used to restrain them!

  • Steve says:

    So you have a frankenbaby? Weren’t you the one making fun of our son and calling him frankenbaby ? Its not so funny now is it.

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