Ice Skating Dogs and Stripping Babies

January 29, 2009 § 1 Comment

Yeah, so there is a nice thick coating of ice on the snow that we got the other night.  When I put Jake, Sasha and Katie Bug out this morning for their morning consitutional, they had a hard time keeping their footing whilst trying to “go”.  It was comical and I should have filmed it, but alas, the battery in the old video camera had died.

So, after my parents left last night, another fight ensued.  I have had a couple of days where I have been a little more moody and since I don’t really have a stress outlet, everything kind of bubbles to the surface and I explode.  The hubby started and it got ugly.  I asked him, in front of my parents, about the gym membership.  He told me that he would stop on his way home from work and get me one.  He said it in such a condescending way I was really ready to just smack him.  I don’t need or wan t him to get it for me, I need and want him to support me in making a healthy lifestyle change.  The neighbors heard him yelling and she was tempted to call my mother and tell her to come back over and listen trhough the wall at the horrible things that the hubby was saying.  I took my “relax” pill and went to bed.

The kids were up a couple times in the night and then they were both up at 4 am.  The hubby got up and was changing Daniel and I went down and made two more bottles.  When he got to Melissa, she started to unzip her pajamas for him.  It was pretty cute.

They went back to sleep but the hubby decided to continue our “conversation” about the gym membership.  He grilled me about who I knew that worked out there (I couldn’t tell you, because I have never been there) and if there was something going on that he wasn’t aware of.  Yes, all this at 4 am.  Talk about the wrong time to talk.

I went back to sleep and when I got the kids up at 8, Melissa has removed her leg from her pajamas and also her diaper just to make things interesting for me.  This is going to be a great day, I can just tell.

My parents leave tomorrow (:-(…and I am very sad about that.  I know they will be back in a couple weeks and then down here for good in a few months but I really miss them and have loved the help they have given me with the babies this week.  Dad brought his new Dslr camera and I got a few cute shots of the kids….


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