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 When I started to write this post, I was going to tell you about Thursday night when the hubby came home and told me that he was taking Friday off so I could go out by myself and have some time to myself.  Normally, I would have been overjoyed at the thought, but it was kind of like he just dumped the idea on me.  I had no plan.  What would I do?  I haven’t been out by myself in so long, I wouldn’t know what to do.  I told the hubby that I wished I would have known so I could have made a lunch date or something like that.  Well, that defeated the purpose of time to “myself”,  He was thinking me—-literally alone—–time to myself.  Come on, what fun is that???  So we argued.  And we argued.  And he went down to my parent’s house to meet up with the contractor.  And we argued on the phone.  And argued some more.   It wasn’t fun.

For whatever reason, we stopped arguing.  He came home and sent me off the the gym.  I had a great workout and felt a lot less stressed.  When I walked in the house,  he was all excited.  First, the kids were in bed.  He put them down all by himself.  Then he told me that Melissa caught her first bug.  Being Mommy, I think Melissa is sick.  No, she literally caught her first bug.  Hubby was playing in the baby jail and a stink bug showed up from out of the blue and landed smack dab in the middle of the hubby’s chest.  In a flash, Miss Melissa grabs the bug off the hubby’s shirt and hands it to him.  She is amazing at finding any piece of string or lint and will hand it to you.  So, the hubby, asuming that I wouldn’t believe what happened, has this stink bug on the kitchen counter under a glass.  Of course I had to get the camera.

 Melissa's First Bug


 I personally HATE bugs and things that go crunch.  Melissa, our little bug hunter is braver than I when it comes to stinkbugs.

So, Friday morning, the hubby gets up with the kids.  I am supposed to sleep in, but I am physically incapable of such things if I can hear the kids.  It’s that damned Mommy Hearing.  So I get up.  The hubby offers to make me anything I want for breakfast.  I order the bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.  I am playing with the kids and notice that the small rash that Daniel had is now on his face and he seems really itchy.  So, I call the pediatrician and leave a message.  I eat my breakfast and again play with the kids.  I call the pediatrician again, they tell me to bring him in at 9:45.  Okay, so I have to get him dressed, get me dressed and get to their office in 60 minutes.  While the hubby is changing Daniel, I look and see BRUISES…..lots of them.  Bruises under his arms, bruises on his belly, bruises on the inside of both of his thighs and I am like what the heck is going on here.  I was really upset.  I was scared that there might be something really wrong with Daniel (internal bleeding, clotting disorder, who knows what).  We get him dressed and I get dressed while the hubby cleans the snow off my car.  Yes, there was still snow on my car because I DON’T GO ANYWHERE…but I digress…..

I get over to the office and our little spud man weighs in at a whopping 30 lbs.  Holy crap.

So a NP student comes in and does a preliminary exam on Daniel.  She is perplexed, I am perplexed.  We both think it could be a food allergy.  I was a bad Mommy and gave them 2 new foods in one week (baby goldfish and egg noddles in beef gravy).  Daniel is screaming and itching and aquirming around when Dr. C. walks in.  She orders bloodwork.  Yipee!  Did I mention that he was squirming…..oh, and it is nap time, oh and he is teething like crazy……

So I drive over to the hospital, check in at outpatient registration and head off to the lab.  All the women in the lab are just fawning all over Daniel but he was not interested in any of it.  It took 3 of us to hold him down for the blood draw.

He was exhausted and nearly fell asleep on the way home. I got home and the hubby put Daniel up in the crib and I just dropped.  How am I supposed to enjoy a day alone now.  I want the doctor to call me and tell me that Daniel is fine.

Two hours later, she called and said everything looked great.  She wants us to visit an allergist.  Not so great.

I bitch and I complain about my hubby alot.  But if he hadn’t have been home, I would have been out of my mind trying to take care of Daniel and Melissa.  The realization hit me that parenting is not a one person job, it is a team effort.  And I might not always think that I am on a level playing field, the game goes on.  I have a teammate.  I am just so glad he was home.  Sometimes, I just need to let him be Daddy.


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§ 5 Responses to Perspective

  • Hajar says:

    Awww, it sounds like he really tries to help sometimes.

  • pillarr1 says:

    I totally agree that it is a team effort. Even if we sometimes feel that we do 80% of the work (we do, don’t we? ha ha). Anyway, I am glad that he was there to help you. I think we should all remember that some women don’t have anyone, at all. Let us know what is going on with Daniel as soon as you find out. Hope he is feeling OK.

  • Soralis says:

    Sorry to hear about the argument, but I am glad things turned around. Hope your little guy is ok, how scary! Hugs

  • Helene says:

    I’m glad he’s been helping you so much! It definitely helps things when you feel like you’re a team!

    When my husband watches the kids so I can have time alone, I always go to Borders, grab a few gossip magazines and get a caramel mocha and plant myself in a chair for as long as I can!!!!

  • Amy says:

    hope daniel is feeling better soon and you get positive news back….

    it’s so nice when you can feel like a team in this adventure of parenting, isn’t it???? i can’t imagine how single parents do it!

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