pain vs. reward

February 9, 2009 § 1 Comment

Ok…I am going to admit it.  I over did it at the gym.

I kind of forgot that there were certain muscle groups that I haven’t worked in many, many moons.  Well, I worked them, I even did a lot of stretching, but they are KILLING ME.  Where are these muscle groups?  My inner thighs….. all so the jiggly bits aren’t so jiggly.

Wow!  Talk about painful!!!

But it will all be worth it when I am in my shorts and swimsuit this summer.  I mean, I will be 35 in August, I should at least make an attempt to still look somewhat good for the hubby.

He thinks I am crazy.  But then again, All 168 lbs of him, has skinny legs….and he can eat whatever the heck he wants and barely gain an ounce…….grrrrrrrr

We had a pretty good day here yesterday.  We attempted to take the kids to the farmer’s market in Q-town.  It was a little more crowded than I like and I guess Melissa prefers it a little less busy since she decided to scream the entire time.  I just wanted to find some super tiny elastic bands for her hair.  Her hair is so fine….I need the teeny tiny ones. And all I could find were black rubber ones.  I don’t think Melissa is ready for the goth look yet. We also picked up some new socks for the kids, as no matter what I try, at least half of their socks disappear every wash.

And of course, I had to buy a box of girl scout cookies. Yeah, that should help my jiggly thighs……

And we got jalapeno and cheese hot dogs.  That was supper last night.  Really not health but yummy.

I got a little stressed while we were out and just couldn’t wait to get home.

After the kids napped, and I napped, I was refreshed and like a different person.  I baked some mini blueberry muffins for the kids and did some laundry.  It was a nice quiet evening.

In a few minutes, I will be taking Sasha (our middle fur baby rat terrier) to the vet for surgery.  She has to have her nictitans gland removed from her eye.  That is her third eyelid that had been red, swollen and puffed out for the last month.  She had to have the same surgery done a few years ago and it is all being done at my old hospital.  I have complete trust in Dr. D.  He is the only one I would trust with any of my fur babies.

So, another not so exciting week, hopefully.

I am calling this morning to schedule Daniel’s allergist appointment.  His rash is all but gone, the bruising is fading and he is in a much better mood.  His blood work was just fine.  We just need to find out what the heck triggered his outbreak.  I personally don’t think it was the egg noodles….I am leaning towards the beef gravy.  But maybe that is just because I can’t imagine what I will do if they tell me that my little man is allergic to egg protein.

Keep your fingers crossed…..


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