February 12, 2009 § 7 Comments

I did it….and I didn’t hold back.

I sent a nasty-gram to Octo-Mom on her little fundraising site.  This woman is sick in the head.  It makes my blood boil every time I hear about it.

I told Octo-Mom that she was selfish.  I told her that we did IVF too.  I told her that we had frozen embryos left too.

I told her that we DONATED THEM to a couple who otherwise would not have the option of having children.  I told her she was selfish.

Then I told her that I hope the state takes the kids and puts them in loving, nurturing, caring and safe environments, with other families.

I am sure her “agent” or “publicist” are editing the tons of “Not So Nice” comments on her site.  I know I am not the only one to not be over the moon happy for her.

The hubby couldn’t believe that I sent a nasty-gram to her.  Oh friggin’ well!  Opportunity knocks…..when else would I have a chance to tell the whacked out woman what I really thought of her.

Darn…..should have asked where she got her plastic surgery on her lips done.  Was that on Rodeo Drive too?  Oh….and I should have asked her if she was planning on defaulting on her student loans that she plans on using to support her kids.  Oh, and I meant to ask just what the nature of her disability was that has earned her more than $160,000, and how is didn’t cause difficulties in carrying 8 BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know the toll that the twins took on my body…….

Okay, I’m done.

I feel better now.


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§ 7 Responses to Confessssion

  • Amy says:

    you go girl!! you’re a trip 🙂

  • Dotty says:

    I too left a nasty gram. I really do hope that she reads them. Oh yeah I guess if she can read. seems to me there has gotta be some reason why she is on disability. I see why her kids are. with a mother like like how can you behave. It says she had a job related back injury. Well hello when are they going to open there eyes. She has now given birth to 14 babies. Carrying 8 all at once oh I guess she is superwoman and she didn’t need her back to help with that. I am a proud mother of 4. I have worked my ass of since my oldest was 6 months old. I think too that the state should take these kids and out them into loving homes that can take care of them properly. Obviously she doesn’t have the brains to

  • Jones says:

    I sent one too! What a selfish, self-centered, opportunistic, imature, loser.

  • Helene says:

    Alright, chica!!!! Way to go!! You let her have it, on behalf of all us IVF twin mamas!!!!

    I can’t believe she has a website up, soliciting people for donations. She’s crazy!! And I hate the fact that we live in CA and our tax money is being used to support her kids. Not that I want the kids to suffer b/c their mother is a complete idiot but it just makes me mad that we’re struggling during this economy and then my husband’s hard-earned money goes to support HER 14 kids.

    Ooops, guess I had more to say than I realized. Maybe I should visit the site and open a can of whoop-ass on her too!

  • Soralis says:

    14 Kids… what was she thinking is about all I can come up with! It makes me so angry that there are people suffering so terribly with infertility, then she comes along and I am sure she is going to screw up the system for someone! Arrrrgg!

  • cat says:

    Oh girl, I so agree with you. Think I am going to send one right now! And to think of the millions of other woman that could have loved those kids! Poor children, that is all I am thinking!

  • singletracey says:

    my sentiments exactly! I sent Ann Curry a harsh email on getting terms right, and wondered where the hard questions were because that chick didn’t answer ONE hard question.

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