I'm Okay, You're Okay…..But Octomom is crazy…..

February 24, 2009 § 2 Comments

I am so glad to finally not have any “drama” to talk about.  Things here are okay.  The hubby is okay, the kids are okay, I am okay……

Daniel woke up once in the night, which was a relief since the poor little guy just can’t seem to get that last molar above the gum.

I had a great workout at the gym yesterday when the hubby got home from work.  I am really starting to notice some changes in my body.  I have a waist again!  Yipee!!!!  And I am making pretty quick work of reducing the “jiggle factor” in certain parts.  Man, I wish I would have done this before I got married so I didn’t look like a big white cow!   Now, if I could get over my addiction to Mexican Food….I might actually lose some more weight. 

Speaking of Mexican food…if you love it, and are feeling inspired to try to make it yourself, please stop by and check out on of my new favorites blogs……there are a bunch of recipies (authentic) that I am going to try……especially the tomatillo salsa….

So, at the moment, my father is back on the west coast to pick up my Grandmother and fly her back.  She has been visiting with my uncle (who I haven’t seen in 20+ years) and his family.  She will be back with my parents and make the big move down here in a few weeks.  I travelled extensively for work and can’t help but worry about my dad and his 94 year old mother getting stranded in an airport somewhere.


I know I promised…..

But I can’t resist…..


is staying in a hotel and hasn’t seen her “other” children in more than a week.

and did you check out the interview…..what a B*TCH!!!!!!!!!!  I just so want to smack her……..


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§ 2 Responses to I'm Okay, You're Okay…..But Octomom is crazy…..

  • pillarr1 says:

    Octo really rubs me the wrong way. IVF in my opinion is for people like us who cannot otherwise have children. It is not for those who just want to over populate the world. She just reminds me that sometimes people bring hard times on themselves by having too many children. Maybe now that the whole country is experiencing tough economic times, people will stop saying “I want to have x number of children” and say “how many children can I realistically care for in good and bad economic times.”

    I certainly feel bad for those kids. No matter how much money she will get through donations, it will never be enough. And also, a mom’s attention can only be spread so far. One person cannot possibly give 14 children the attention that they need and deserve.

  • Wow! Gracias for mentioning my little old blog, A Little Cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate and More as a new favorite. You made my day!

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