Post # 360 (Can you believe it???)

March 12, 2009 § Leave a comment

First of all, check out my musical boy…bongos and piano!!!  Impressive, isn’t it?

Had a nice workout this morning but seem to be lacking the motivation to do my yoga.  I took a day off from the gym yesterday because we were just too darn sore… I will enlighten you on the other goings on in my little corner of the world.

My mother had an interesting day yesterday.  My parents are Salvation Army officers.  They have been since 1982.  They have lived in some really depressed areas but none so much as where they are currently stationed.  It is a small community in Western Pennsylvania.  They will be retiring in less than two weeks.

you know….Salvation Army….kettles…..bands…..uniforms…..soup, soap, and salvation…….

yeah…..but they are also ordained ministers. (and yes…..growing up in the Salvation Army…I too can play just about any brass instrument, so can my sister, so can my mom, so can my dad……it’s not like we had a choice!)

Well, yesterday as my mother was going into the corps (church) building, a man walked by and spit on her.  Yes, hocked a lugie, right on my mom.  Let’s just say that the man was lucky that I wasn’t there or we would have had an issue…..”you do not spit on people! I repeat” (as I am kicking his butt) “you do not spit on people!”  Especially my mom, especially a minister, especially someone who has dedicated their life to helping others.  A

As luck would have it, there was a police officer close by….next door….at the gun shop….and one of my mother’s volunteers ran over and got the cop.  In a matter of minutes, three patrol cars has circled the block, checked the bars and apprehended the “spitter”.  Then my mother had to get in to the patrol car to identify this guy.  My mother has a hard enough time getting in and out of any car, but the back seat of a patrol car….not a pretty sight (brief aside… mother had surgery on her foot in October….she has just only started walking with a cane….she also has had her hip replaced and knee replaced… basically, she is a train wreck…..but she is my mom….and I love her!!!).

Anyway, the piece of crap got arrested and sent to jail.  So there is some justice in the world.


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