March 31, 2009 § 2 Comments

My little man is allergic to dog dander.  We have 3 fur babies.  Good grief…what’s next?  Oh, and he is allergic to dust mites too.  So, I guess I am getting a new overpriced vacuum. And Daniel gets his own room with hardwood floors, and he gets a bath EVERY night…for at least 20 minutes…and shouldn’t really touch the dogs, or stuffed animals.  But he can eat eggs…that was a false positive.  And the allergist said to stay away from peanut butter until the kids are 3.

I went for my first mamogra.m today.  It was about what I expected. No big deal. Mom and Dad and Grandma came over to sit with the kids.  The kids were great for them.  Of course, that all changed after the grandparents left.  Can you say “Meltdown”?  The kids have been sleeping so poorly that Melissa fell asleep in her highchair.  Daniel fell asleep in the middle of the baby jail…head on stuffed animal, butt in the air.

The hubby is currently on his way home from the dentist.  The final visit…hopefully.  I wouldn’t call his new smile “Hollywood”…but it is a great improvement.

I am beyond exhausted after the weekend.  I am a total slacker and can’t seem to muster the energy to get my butt over to the gym…..it’s weird…I work out (and expend energy yet feel energized) or I don’t work out (and I feel like a pile of mush…immovable mush).  I am sure it has lots to do with the ginormous sleep debt I am building.  Melissa spent most of the night with us…and took up most of the bed.  She was a tornado.  She even managed to kick the hubby in his “daddy parts”.  Daniel has night terrors, waking up screaming.  You get him calmed down and try to leave the nursery and he sits up straight and starts all over again.

Really, this is getting old……….

Oh…and Happy Birthday Sweet Helene!!!! I hope your day is special!


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  • pillarr1 says:

    Night terrors, man, I know what that is. Rachel has them and has had them since she was 6 months old. It is pretty scary. When it happens, I go pick her up and hold her. Most of the time, she does not even have her eyes open. I have to wake her up so she will stop screaming. I sometimes give her a pacifier or a bottle. She also sleeps with a blanket and two of those cloth diapers (the ones that you can use for burping). They comfort her some but do not stop the night terrors completely. I don’t know that there is any cure for it. She sleeps with meditation/relaxation music every night (the cd player has a “repeat” function. When it gets warm, I am going to put a mini fan in her room but point it away from her. She seems to sleep better with the “white noise.” I hope it gets better for you!

  • At least you can feed him eggs, that’s a relief. Man, I guess you couldn’t let your fur babies move in with your parents? Poor little Daniel…

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