May Day! Don't forget to dance around the maypole!

May 1, 2009 § 2 Comments

May pole
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So happy Friday and happy May Day to everyone!

It is rainy and stormy here today, but it is supposed to be nearly 80 degrees, so it kind of feels more like summer than spring.

The kids were only up once in the night and the hubby was nice enough to get up with them.  So, I got some sleep.  Some much needed sleep.  It seems that every other night, Daniel does his 2 am routine…hopefully, we can break the cycle of insanity.

Melissa is talking more and more.  She is saying “Get Down” to the dogs, “stop” to the dogs, “sock” ….she is obsessed with shoes and socks.  Put them on her feet, put them on her hands, she is not picky at all.  Oh, and carrying a purse.  I have a girly girl.  Great!  I know nothing of playing dolls, or tea parties.  I like to play outside in the dirt.  That is where Daniel comes in.  He is ALL boy.  He is rough and tumble.  He loves being outside.  My boy!

Yesterday, at breakfast, Melissa was eating her Cheerios in a most peculiar way.  She was eating with her face.  So, what does Daniel do?  Yup, tries to eat the Cheerios with his face.  But, he was not quite so successful.  You see, the boy has a budda belly.  He looks like one of those power lifters.  It was too cute and of course, as soon as I ran for the camera, they became way more interested in what I was doing.

The weather is not supposed to be so great this weekend so I will probably continue to divesting of clutter.  I really want to get the office done so we can move Daniel in there.  It is going to be a rough job, but I think I am up to the challenge.  I mean, it is a small room, but it has become the repository for all things homeless.  Our house is pretty small and it is pretty old.  I don’t know what people did 100 years ago, but I need closet space.  If we ever do move, I want a house with a ridiculous number of closets.  I want my closets to have closets. Maybe the hubby will even help me since (insert giggle….) he can’t do anything in the yard this weekend………..

What are your plans for the weekend?

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§ 2 Responses to May Day! Don't forget to dance around the maypole!

  • pillarr1 says:

    No firm plans this weekend. My husband and I just came back from a 4 day trip to Savannah and St. Simons Island off the Georgia coast. It was nice for us to just get away. Although I was counting the days that we came home to see Rachel. We were constantly singing her favorite cartoons (Mickey Mouse and Super Why). Saturday I will probably go to the commissary on base (husband is in the army so we shop on base sometimes) to stock up on chicken and beef. Their 3 pack of chicken breast is about $3 and at Publix or Kroger it is $8 or $9!!! That is a big difference. Weather permitting we will go to the park and maybe the mall and Costco. Sunday, we may attend mass and then do nothing the rest of the day. If Rachel sleeps well at night I may be able to add more to the mix. She has been sleeping all night (8 – 8 am) for the last 4 nights. Now watch, just because I said that, she will wake up all night long! Ha Ha. Have a good weekend.

  • Amy says:

    cleaning the house since it’s supposed to rain 😛

    have you ever heard of the book “healthy sleep, happy child?” i don’t remember the author, i just know we used it for all 3 of our kids and it worked. it even gives sleep advice through the kid years. someone recommended it to us with #1, and we loved it. thought it’d be worth mentioning to you since daniel seems to like 2 am 😉

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