Rain…day #6

May 4, 2009 § 2 Comments

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So despite the weather, the same weather we have had for the last 5 days, we didn’t get much done around the house this weekend.  Yesterday was a miserable day, Daniel and Melissa were both really fussy, the hubby and I were more tired than usual (not sure why) and it was just a generally sucky day. Neither of us felt like doing anything at all.  And of course, there was NOTHING to watch on tv.

The kids went to bed at 6 last night and slept straight through until the hubby got up at 4:30 am for work.  I gave them a little bottle and they slept until 8 am.  So, I actually got some sleep for a change.  I just wish the weather would do something other than be rainy, cool and grey.  It is killing me.  It is killing my motivation to get stuff done.

We are a week away from the new kitchen.  I have a lot of work.  I have to empty all the cupboards and drawers.  I am not sure where I am going to store everything….the basement I guess.  Mom and Dad are going to sit with the kids on Thursday so I can finally get the office complete.  And to top it off, we are supposed to go to the Poconos this weekend.  Well, it is just for Saturday.  But if the weather is crappy, like it is now, I am NOT driving 2+ hours up there.  The summer camp that I practically grew up at, Camp Ladore is having a dedication for their new Rec Hall.  It would be a chance for me to see old friends but not at the expense of my sanity.

Not too sure what the day will hold for us.  More laundry, more cleaning, more laying in the middle of baby jail, reading to the kids.  By the way, they are both in love with BOOKS.  They want to sit on your lap and have you read the same book over and over and over.  When I told my mother, she just laughed as she reminded me that I used to do the same thing when I was young.  It was Cinderella. Over and over and over and over.  So the apples are not falling far from the tree…….


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§ 2 Responses to Rain…day #6

  • My babies constantly line up with books in their hands too. They especially like counting books and alphabet books!!?!?!?! Maybe because they have sesame street characters in them? That’s their favorite cartoon. I’m flattered, and this is one thing I’m only to happy to do for them, whenever and werever they want it. I can’t wait to teach them to read for themselves.

  • Kari says:

    Ick! I know, the rain sucks. We’ve had rain here, too, in California and I’m SO ready for summer!!! We’re planning a trip to Carmel this Wednesday, so I’m just hoping that the rain subsides long enough to squeeze that in! 😛


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