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Sorry I have been so remiss in posting but things aren’t really all that exciting around here.

We had a great time at the Phillies game last Saturday night.  Ryan Howard hit a grand slam home-run right over our seats.  They were way over our seats as we were in the first level and the ball ended up 475 ft from the plate on the third level.

We were indeed very close to Jayson Werth.  We also got to see Cole Hamels warm up.  I got some great pictures that I can drool over at my leisure.  The important thing is that the Phillie won, and have continued a 7 game winning streak and are in first place (4 games ahead of the Mets…hahahhahahaha!)

I started taking the kids back to the gym with me.  Mt parents are going to be away alot this summer.  They leave Sunday to go to my sister’s house in Massachusetts for 2 weeks.  Then they go back in July, then to Maine in August….blah blah blah….they are retired and they can finally choose where they want to go and stay as long as they like.

My parent’s trip will however put a damper on my childcare situation, thus the return to the day care at the gym.

What else is new? Hmmm…..well, the garden is growing.  We harvested several radishes.  And learned a very good lesson.  When you use the peat cups to start the seeds, take the wrapper off the cup before planting them.  We have radishes,,,,they are just long and skinny radishes.  Lesson learned.  The peas are growing like gang busters, the onions are hanging in there as well.  As for the cucumbers, we;;, we will just take a moment of silence for the cucumbers.  I may have one cauliflower plant the survived, it just isn’t doing much.  We shall see.

The kids are okay.  The hate the baby jail now and just want to run all over the house.  Daniel is a hair puller.  If he is made to be in jail with his sister, he will pull her hair.  If they aren’t in jail, he leaves her alone.  I think he may be rebelling.

Melissa has become interested in the potty.  She watched me go and started pulling down her pants and diaper.  So…I think this may be her way of telling me that I need to get the pink princess potty set up.  Daniel…..not a chance.

The kids also love running in the yard and going for a ride in their new wagon.  Today it is really pretty crappy out, so there will be none of that.

Should be a pretty quiet weekend around here……hopefully……

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