June 9, 2009 § 4 Comments

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I am claiming the biscuit head award for myself. 

While checking out at Wal.mart, I was dumb enough to put my ATM/visa debit card in my pocket rather than into my purse like a responsible adult.

And then I unloaded the kids, unloaded the cart, returned the cart and drove my babies for the healthiest of lunches….McDonald.s.   It was then that I realized that my card was not in my pocket.  It was also not in my purse.  Enter panic mode.  I remember the phone number to the bank…but since my ancient blackberry 7250 doesn’t have the alpha’s on the numeric’s, I couldn’t spell out the bank name.

I drive over to mom and dad’s and unload the kids, call the bank and cancel the card.  I realize that mom and dad have left 3 bananas out for me.  They are almost black…and besides, I wasn’t really hungry after McDonald.s.

I drove home, thinking I was going to stop at the bank branch and pick up a new card and then I realized that it was almost 2 pm, and the kids had not napped yet!  Not good.

So, I will wait until the hubby gets home and then go over to the bank.

And I got a visit from the UPS guy!  Wahoo!  New fitflops and two pair of cropped pants from Victoria’s Secret.

But I still feel like a biscuit head.  I am just wondering what else can go wrong today.

At least the kids are napping..

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§ 4 Responses to BISCUIT HEAD!

  • Helene says:

    Yes, all is well in the world when the kids are napping, right?? I always breathe a huge sigh of relief!! Sorry about your bank card…hope you’re able to cancel it without a problem!

    If you have a chance, stop by my blog….I’m having a fun twins book giveaway!

  • singletracey says:

    I thought my sister was the only one with that blackberry still 😉 (teasing .. heehee)

  • pillarr1 says:

    Don’t you hate when that happens!! I get so worked up into a tizzy that I can’t even think straight. At least the kids are sleeping though. I meant to tell you earlier about my suggestion with the hair pulling. When I discipline Rachel I tell her “no” very firmly and grab her arms to stop whatever she is doing. When she does it again (the next second of course) I say “no” and gently smack her hand. Not enough to hurt but enough to let her know that I am serious. I usually have to go through this 3 straight times within 3 minutes. I may even do it the next day if the behavior persists. Then she just doesn’t do it anymore. I did this to stop her from biting and tossing food off of her high chair.

  • Amy says:

    i always do that with my bank card ~ instead of putting it back where it belongs, just stuffing it somewhere else. so far i’ve lucked out w/o losing it in the process, but i always put myself through the initial panic of “where’s my card?” you’d think i’d learn….

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