too damn hot…

August 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

okay…the heat index is 105 degrees.  This is nuts!  It is too hot to do ANYTHING!  I did manage to get 30 minutes of Wii in this morning, but that was only because I had the fan and the air condtioner blowing directly on me.

The good news is that my parents are on their way back from Maine.  My niece and nephew and the hubby and I are going to Dorney Park and Wildwater kingdom on Wednesday.  Tonight, the hubby will be going to the doctor’s appointment with me…to talk about my ppd or whatever it is……and is off tomorrow.  We are going to “Rice‘s Market” ( a kind of huge flea market) up in Bucks County early in the morning and then installing a new ceiling fan when we get back.  It is going to be so nice to have the free babysitting services of my parents again…..

Major bummer….I just opened a can of diet pepsi and it is flat….yuck!  Do I call Pepsi and gripe?  Maybe……

Yesterday was the 7th anniversary of when the hubby and I got together…someday I will have to write down the whole story, but will password protect it…….it’s not what you think at all………it is really bizarre.

Anyway, trying not to melt…….the kids just want to play outside, but like the title of this post….it’s too damn hot!


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