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I am not fit to be company for man nor beat these last few days.  I cannot put my finger on the reason.  I am not motivated to do much, even workout (which is my usually fall back, put me in a better mood activity).  I am just grumpy.  Everything is pissing me off for one reason or another.   Like yesterday, D calls on his way home from work and announces that somehow, the windshield has cracked…, $300 and 12 hours later, we have a new windshield.  That pissed me off. 

D and M are not being particularly cooperative these days, and I am sure it has to do with the fact that they are 2 and are as sick of being stuck in the house as I am.  But D has this scream.  I mean, I know boys are loud, but whatever note he is going for, it is the one that makes my brain want to explode.  He screams and screeches so bloody loud…and he is smart about it….he waits until I am on the phone, or trying to have a conversation and then BOOM!  It’s agony for me….and I am sure that the little monkey is laughing at me on the inside……

M on the other hand….is cool as a cucumber….unless you want her to go anywhere without her blanket or move her from her perch on the subwoofer next to the TV.  She is fine with most anything, as long as it is Barney or Sesame Street.   The whole Barney thing is getting a bit much for me.  I mean, isn’t there a stage where they are supposed to be interested in other cartoons?  I mean how old are they supposed to be for Dora?  Or Barbies?  I guess I really should have done some reading or something when I was going through all those fertility treatments.  I feel ill-prepared to parent multiples.  It is not a 24 hour a day job….it is 48 hours of work that I get to try to cram into 24 hours everyday.

Did I mention that I feel like a single parent most of the time?  When D gets home, he kind of takes over….for the 2 or 3 hours that the kids are still awake for.  The rest of the time….it’s me…..just me…..two versus one….all day long……

Don’t tell them, but I think they are winning….even now, they are upstairs and are supposed to be napping.  Yeah, right, like that is gonna happen.  I can’t even count how many nap strike days we have had this month……

Hey, if anyone hears of a spa day giveaway in PA or NJ, please enter me….please…… or at least email me the link at amama2twins at gmail dot com…

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