Another Monday

March 15, 2010 § 1 Comment


Another week has come and gone.  Time seems to be just zipping by.  It’s the Ides of March today….watch out for people you know stabbing you in the back….oh wait, almost everyone I know IRL (in real life)  has already done that……

It was an exciting week.  During one of the conversations with my parents, it was brought to my attention that the county we live in was looking for 911 operators.   So, I googled, like I always do, and found the info.  They were conducting “testing” during the week.  The last day available to test was Saturday.  This was Friday.  So, being that this is one of those jobs I have always wanted to do, and have actually been told that I would be ideal for, I started dialing and emailing and inquiring.  Well, sure enough, they called me back.  8:00 am Saturday morning, I was at the Emergency Operations Center, sitting behind a computer, being tested.  I also had a short interview and was asked to complete a 24 (yes, you read that right) page background questionnaire.  I had and still do have a good feeling about this.  You have to understand….more than 700 people applied for this job, over 500 actually came in for the testing.  And from there, I am not sure how many were sent home with the ginormous background check packet.  The job is 12 hour shifts 7 pm to 7 am.  That is the only “interesting” part.  But the benefits package is to DIE for (I’m sure they even have In Vitro Fertilization coverage….wouldn’t that be a kick in the head!!!!), 13 paid holidays, 2 weeks vacation, medical, dental, a pension (I mean who gets a pension anymore), and the actual salary is $10K more than I was making at my last place of employment…..(I loved that job so much……..I miss my clients and their pets, and my coworkers, and the Owners……Sheri…..I know you are reading this…..I love you!)  I just know that the twinkies are going to be going to pre-school soon and that takes money.  On one income, we won’t make it.  It is time for me to jump back into the job world.  Even if it is not this job.  I mean, I would really like it to be this job, but the whole application process takes nearly 3 months.  Sure, I am going to miss my babies, oh wait, they aren’t babies anymore (sigh), they are toddlers in their terrible twos.  The county even offers a daycare facility and the location is right around the corner from my parent’s house.  This job couldn’t be a better fit.

Let’s see…what else….

Oh, we had another crappy weather weekend.  This one left my mother and 96-year-old grandmother without power for 15 hours.  So, I got up and ran to Wawa (which is a convenience store, much like 7-11 but with MUCH better coffee) and took hot coffee and sandwiches to Mom and Grandma.  Dad was out of town (luckily) because I don’t know if he could have gone 15 hours without being on Facebook and playing with his foo pets and updating his status every few minutes.  I am self admitted addict to Facebook, but my Dad, well, he is a junkie.

Not much else going on with the notable exception that my back is killing me and I am off to see my Chiropractor this morning.  It is felling better than it was on Friday, but something is still out of whack between my shoulder blades.  Oh, and I made a corned beef braised in Guinness beer yesterday.  Of course, the husband wouldn’t eat it….so it was all for naught.  Hey, I tried.  I can post the recipe if anyone is interested…….

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  • pillarr1 says:

    That job sounds great for you! Those hours sound brutal sister. Hope it all works out for you. Can you give us a status on how the kids are doing? Like, potty training, how are they eating, sleeping, behavior, etc. If you don’t mind. I don’t know a lot of people to ask about kids so I rely so much on your posts about your kids. U can also email if you like. Thanks!!

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