March 16, 2010 § 1 Comment

  Finally, after 4 full days of rain, we have some blue skies here in PA. It is forecasted to be 60 today, which is fine with me, since I am planning on actually taking the Twinkies out with me today. We are off to Kohl’s to pick up a new griddle that the hubby wants.  He is the king of making breakfast on the weekends…..

The kids slept all night last night, which I was very happy about. The last week or so, they have been particularly fussy in the night which means that neither D nor I get much sleep…and the leads to grumpy Mommy and grumpy Daddy and lots of arguments over silly and insignificant things. Such is life, I guess.

Everything with the kids lately has been “Monkey See, Monkey Do”. If D starts crying, M will start crying. If D has a temper tantrum (which happen regularly), M will curl up in a ball, face down and not move. If D gets a sippy cup, M wants a sippy cup. If M puts her sippy cup down, D will walk over and claim it for his own.  They are both really into Elmo and anything Sesame Street, Barney, and Yo Gabba Gabba.

M is a little chatterbox.  Her vocabulary just astounds me.  Every day, she is adding more and more words.  And she can memorize!!!  She watched Maurice Sendak‘s Little Bear and announces the animals in the opening theme in the order that they appear.  It cracks me up.  She also says ‘NOT!’ all the time.  For example:

M, would you like to sit on the potty?  And she replies “Not!”.  I live in Wayne’s World!

D…well….D is a another story.  I am starting to become a bit concerned with his speech development.  His motor skills are off the charts.  The boy runs, throws a football, jumps, hops, but when it comes to using his words, I think he gets frustrated and that is leading to the temper tantrums.  I know I should probably talk to the pediatrician about it, but honestly, I am not sure if I am ready to deal with the fact that there might be “delays” with D (regardless of prematurity).  I know that boys are notorious for slower speech development and am hoping that he will just catch up on his own.

Potty training, well…I am a slacker.  I have thus far, not been very consistent with the potty thing.  The Twinkies are 2 years and 5 months today, and I have got to get on the ball with it.  I know the M is not going to be the problem….it is going to be my little man.  How on earth do you train a boy?  Arghhh….Mommies out there….help me out!

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  • Cousin Sara says:

    Hey Missy – Feel free to email me with questions about D’s language – don’t forget, it’s what I do! I have nothing helpful about potty training though….

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