My Weekend

March 24, 2010 § Leave a comment


was wonderful.  The weather was just beautiful.  Mom and I ventured out to a Smart Moms Sale and did some shopping. We made out really great, especially on summer stuff for D.  He is just growing like a weed…..none of the stuff from last summer is going to fit him.  So, my second hand children will be dressed to the nines……I am the queen of thrift!!!

We also went to a craft show.  I found 2 local treasures.  One is Mia Bella’s Candles.  I got the fresh laundry scent.  Hopefully, it will inspire me to fold socks.  I hate folding socks……and the other….well….I wish there was some way to have you taste this stuff… is called Aunt Caroline’s BBQ’d Pickle Sauce.  It is HEAVEN!  It is savory and sweet, with a hint of dill…..and it tastes amazing on EVERYTHING.  I am pretty sure I would eat cardboard with this sauce on it.  And it is made right down the road in lovely Conshohocken PA.   I can’t wait for the next show they are at…..I am stocking up on the stuff……..

Hubby and the kids and I spend the rest of the day outside…we did the same on Sunday.  It was just soooooo beautiful out.  M discovered that she likes worms.  She also discovered that worms go poop.  So, she started to command the worm to poop.  It was just too cute.  She also started to pretend that a broom was a horse and rode it all over the yard.  I personally like to think that she is just test driving her mommy’s mode of transportation (the broomstick!)……I swear I am going to make a decal that says Nimbus 2000 (sorry….Harry Potter reference) on it…..

And so it goes….more later….. I promise……

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