Playing Catch Up….

April 8, 2010 § 1 Comment


My apologies for being an absentee blogger as of late.  I get easily distracted in caught up in my day to day around here.

BUT, I am thinking about blogging, just not finding the time to put fingers to keyboard….such is life with the twinkies.

They are keeping me on my toes.  M is just turned into a “Chatty Cathy” doll (by the way….my least favorite person in the world is named Cathy…and come to think of it, it is because she never knows when to shut up…I’m sure that if I had a “Chatty Cathy” doll when I was little, I would have probably done something very bad to it).  She  announced the other night that “farts come out her butt”.  I pretty much lost it.  There are a lot of “No! Mommy, no!” and “D….stop it”.  Poor D….he is going to grow up thinking his name is really No Stop It Don’t Kick Mommy.

The gardening has started already.  Here in the Philly burbs, we have had a run of beautiful summer-like weather.  We are trying romaine lettuce, spinach, sweet peppers and poblano (ancho) peppers.  I also am also doing an herb garden with cilantro, flat leaf italian parsley and onion chives.  We ordered some tomato plants from Burpee (really cool ones that are white….they are called Italian Ice) and also some shade plants, watermelon coleus and more herbs.  We also planted some red, white and blue pansies for the flower boxes on the front porch.

We had a great Easter.  My sister and her family came for a visit and a great time was had by all.  We even managed to get a nice family picture done……

Also, D and I actually went out for a date night and found a hidden treasure in our own little town.  It is called Le Gourmet where we had the nicest dinner.  For a tiny little town, North Wales PA, it is unheard of to find such culture and great food.  This is more of a cheesesteak and pizza town.  We both ordered the veal saltimboca ( pan seared veal topped w/ cured ham, spinach and provolone in a Marsala sauce) and D actually broke down and had a cappuccino after dinner.  We also had a complementary bottle of wine (which incidentally led us to this place to begin with….yes, I had a coupon…..I’m thrifty like that!).  The chef, Nadir Moatemri, also sent out two raspberry limoncello shots for us, which OMG…I loved, but it took a toll on D…… We are going back, along with my parents and our next door neighbors, M and C for our 5th (and my parent’s 45th anniversary) next month.  I am soooo looking forward to it.

Things are getting slightly better between D and I.  A lot less fighting, but it is still a work in progress……I guess all marriages are.

Not much else to say at the moment……I am sure as soon as I save this post I will think of something brilliant…….or not.

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