Movin’ On Up

April 13, 2010 § 1 Comment


It is OFFICIAL!!! I have my interview this Saturday. I am back on the road to being a productive member of society. Not that being a stay at home mother is not, it is just that I think that I am ready. I am in the top 150 out of 1000 applicants. I am thumping my chest, even though it may be premature……

Spring kind of stopped “springing” around here and now we aren’t even hitting 70 degrees. I sure hope that the sweet peppers and poblano peppers make it.

The kids are doing great. Melissa is a parrot. I actually got her to say “Phillies” yesterday (during their home opener). I was thrilled. She also saw a “hepalopter”. We live very close to Merck Pharmaceuticals, and they always have helicopters flying in and out. I guess being an executive for a pharmaceutical company excuses you from having to sit in traffic like everyone else……..

Daniel is very physical. He runs everywhere. I was noticing that he is losing his chub…..he is definitely taller, but he is still solid. He is one strong kid, let me tell you. Melissa is tall, wearing a 3T just so the jeans are long enough, but skinny and leggy…..we are in for it when she is a teenager….long legs, blue eyes, and well, the “rack” is a hereditary condition…….oh boy……

My Grandmother (who is 95) has been moved from the hospital to a rehabilitation facility adjacent to the hospital. Her mental condition is really going down hill quite fast. It is sad. I have so many unresolved issues as far as my Grandmother goes. I am guessing that they will never be resolved and will fade away, like all things do in time. I feel bad for my dad, but he feels that he lost his mother a long time ago and that this is just the shell of who she used to be.

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  • pillarr1 says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother. My grandmother is progressively getting worse to with her memory. I know it is hard. I am so happy for you and the job! Have you started looking at daycares yet? I think this is going to be good for you. There is nothing like having your own money coming in and having that contact with the outside world.

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