Process of Elimination

April 18, 2010 § 1 Comment

Jayson Werth, Phillies Photo Day 2008
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So, yesterday was my interview for the 911 position. It was a three hour session unlike any I have ever experienced. They broke the main group in four smaller groups and each group had 4 different classrooms to visit. The first was information on the actual job and benefits (which I would LOVE to have). The next was problem solving. We were given a handout with a specific scenario where we would have to make a life or death decision. The next was interviewing each other, which was actually kind of fun. And the fourth was an oral presentation. The last bit, the handed out a sheet and had us select one individual from the group that we thought we could work with. It was actually a very cool experience. I know at least two of the eight people in my group selected me….so I guess that is a good sign.

There is another round of interviews for next Saturday. I guess there are still more than 120 candidates…for 15 positions. Please keep your fingers crossed that I get this job……it is just a process of elimination at this point. I think the people who showed up in jeans, and a few minutes late….well…..I don’t believe that their chances are all that great to make it to the next round.

Grandma is back in the hospital with an elevated white blood cell count, so she has some kind of infection that they are having some difficulty getting a handle on. Her mind is slipping quickly and has pretty much been diagnosed with dementia. It is a sad slow end. I have had my issues with my grandmother that I have not chosen to share on my blog but it had to do with what she allowed to have happen to my father when he was growing up. It is a very emotion issue. My dad is coping well. He feels that he lost his mother a long time ago. What is left is the shell of his mother.

I am very excited to announce that I have Phillies tickets again. We are sitting in section 105, row 2….that means I will be able to see Jayson Werth‘s very adorable buns at close range. Someday, I will consider getting seats somewhere else inside of Citizen’s Bank Park, but until they trade Jayson, I’m not moving.

As I write this, D is outside fighting with the fence.  I just painted M’s toe and fingernails, and D is off doing his own thing.  He seems to be fascinated with clothes hangers this week….hmmmm.

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§ One Response to Process of Elimination

  • Kirsten says:

    so glad the interview went well, it sounds like it’s intense, but good.
    GOOD LUCK..I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    hope your grandma is ok.

    and have fun at the Phillie game…:)

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