The Blue Crayon

April 28, 2010 § 1 Comment

Feb. 23, 2009 - Day 56
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I committed a big time Mommy Foul.

I didn’t check my own pockets before starting the laundry.

And I can remember picking up the piece of blue crayon and stuffing it into my sweatshirt pocket. And it dawned on me after I started the load of laundry that I didn’t remember what happened to the crayon. I mean, I normally empty all my pockets on to the nightstand (so there is an assortment of lighters, change, buttons, earrings, dustbunnies…oh wait….that is because I am a crappy housekeeper)…and it wasn’t until after the load had been emptied into the dryer and DRIED, that I realized the exact location of the blue crayon. It was all over everything. The jeans. The shirts. The dryer itself. Yeah….Mommy Foul.

So, I go get the magic eraser. Yeah, that was a wasted trip and adventure in the cabinet under the kitchen sink……

And then I googled…..

And there was plenty of advice on things to try. And my facebook friends suggested things to try….but you know me…..I gotta do my own thing all the time……I like to pick fights with brick walls.

So….hot water, tide stain remover, oxyclean, clorox for colors, spray and wash with Resolve power and regular purex detergent.

AND IT WORKED…..I have no idea how much of what I put in….but I’ll be a monkey’s uncle…..the darn stuff got every bit of blue crayon off the clothes. I am thumping my chest. I am MOMMY… me roar!!!

By the way….I made it to the next round for the 911 job…..

absolutely GLOWING right now.

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§ One Response to The Blue Crayon

  • Sheri says:

    I often dry chapsticks that C leaves in her pants pockets then I need to deal with the stains. Accidently dried a Great Cakes Soapworks lip butter – no stains AND the clothes smelled great. 🙂

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