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White Buffalo
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The email simply stated…

Congratulations on your continued success in the application process!  If you are in receipt of this correspondence, you have been moved into an elite group that started with over 900 applicants.”

And then my head nearly exploded…..holy crap…this IS really happening. I’m in shock. I sure hope they know what they are getting themselves into! Ha! There are 20 open spots. I have no idea how many other applicants got the email, but I do know that at least one other person in the group that I was in also made the cut.

Once again, D was less than thrilled, but managed to mumble out a “congratulations” over the phone. Hopefully, I will have an opportunity to get on day shift sooner than later and things will be more normal.

In other news…..Grandma is out of the hospital and back in the rehab facility. But everything is not well. There were some “abnormalities” with her blood work, and she has been referred to a hematologist/oncologist. I am not sure when her appointment is, but we are praying for her.

Today, B, my hubby’s niece (and I guess mine also) is being induced. I cannot imagine her with a big swollen belly, because she was such a skinny little thing…but today is her big day. And I become a great-aunt, I guess. I will get to meet the little man when we are out in Fargo next week.

Speaking of the trip, we fly out Wednesday morning…..early….way too early for my tastes….but that is what you get with priceline……and the forecast is rain…..that means delays….something Philadelphia International Airport is famous for….joy. I have spent the last few days loading up the ipod with books from and pod-casts of all sorts…just in case we get stuck…..I cannot and will not sit and stare at CNN for hours on end….I am a Fox News Girl!

The weather out in Fargo is pretty much the same as it is here. It is kind of a bummer that they are expecting rain on Thursday, as we were going to drive to Jamestown, ND to see the giant Buffalo and the 3 (yes 3!) white buffalo that have been born the last three years. If you know anything about Native American culture and beliefs…that is HUGE! I am sure that we will find someway to occupy our time….after all, the hotel has a pool and a gym….so you know I am happy…..

Well, it is time to pour another cup of life and put the doggies outside. I love this time of day….before the chaos…when it is just light and quiet. Mommy time. Priceless.


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§ One Response to Stunned……

  • Kir says:

    Morning !!!!
    I am so HAPPY about your news…CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    I am hoping that everything about your trip is good, relaxing and “vacationy”

    enjoy that coffee and have a great day!

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