Flights and Fargo and Fires, Oh My!

May 17, 2010 § 1 Comment

  So the last couple of weeks have been interesting to say the least. I don’t even know where to begin.

 On May 3rd, we had great tickets to the Phillies. Yes, we were there to see the kid get tasered. He jumped on to the field about 20 feet from our seats. It was actually pretty funny to see the chubby, and very obviously overweight Philadelphia cop get frustrated when he couldn’t keep up with the 17 year old. That kid had some of the best running we have seen in Philadelphia and personally, I think he should show up for an Eagles mini-camp because God knows, the team has NO running game without Brian Westbrook. It was an adventure getting to and from the game. We took the Septa R5 regional rail to Fernrock station and jumped on the Broad Street subway. No big deal. We made the mistake of taking the local instead of the express but it really didn’t bother me. On the way back, we made the same mistake. We left the game a little early and jumped on the first subway that got to the station, mostly because the station was about 95 degrees and very crowded. The car filled up and again, it was the local. Well, about halfway back, someone, some IDIOT decided to light a pack of matches on fire. So all of a sudden, we could smell smoke. And it was that sick sulfer smell. And there was no ventilation but one small window that was cracked open. It eventually dissipated but it was quite unnerving and I was glad to be sitting with the NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical warfare instructor) guy. We had to sit at Fernrock for 45 minutes waiting for our train back home and finally arrived home after midnight. It was a great game and I got to take lots of pictures of Jayson Werth…..that made it all worth while…..

Very Very Very early on Wednesday, May 5th, we left the house for the airport for our trip to Fargo. We parked off site at Fast-Track which used to be avistar. I used to park all the time at avistar way back in the olden days when I was a road warrior training medical practice management software. That seems like a lifetime ago….oh wait….it was.

We waited in line to go through security at TSA. Poor D got patted down despite wearing his US Army jacket. (Incidentally, I got patted down at security at the airport in Fargo….) We had some breakfast and had an uneventful flight to Chicago. We left Chicago and had an uneventful flight to Fargo. There were 10 of u on the plane, so everyone got their own row….it was nice to be able to spread out.

When we did arrive in Fargo, the wind and rain nearly blew us away. Holy cow…when it is windy in Fargo….it doesn’t mess around. We got our rental car (the blue Ford Focus….aka Barbie Car). We headed out to West Acres mall to hit up Taco Johns and take care of my little Potato Ole addiction. We had to wait to check in at the Candlewood Suites but West Acres Mall is a pretty nice mall and I can always entertain myself in a mall.

We finally checked in, and napped. That night, we hooked up with my sister-in-law, N and played Bingo. Yes, she broke my bingo cherry. I had NEVER played bingo as an adult. And I was only one number away from winning $1300…I can see how people get addicted. Then N and I proceeded to drag D all over town to bars he had previously refused to ever set foot in….The Empire, The Broadway, Rooters (where we met the oddest little man in a silver suit) and then to Slammers. It was a long, long night. Did anyone hear my liver calling for help?

Thursday, D and I drove out to Jamestown, ND to see the world’s largest buffalo. He was a boy, so I guess we also got to see the largest testicles in the world. It was a bonus. My mother couldn’t believe that I posted pictures on facebook of me standing under the “boy parts”….hey…I gotta be me, right?

More to come after nap time……I’m still a mommy first and a blogger second……


So, we had a great time in Fargo.  For some strange reason, they kept calling me Rock Star.  Did anyone hear my liver screaming for help?  On Saturday, we headed to Walcott ND….the world’s smallest town…and met up with D’s step dad, brother R, Cousin J and K and her hubby and son.  Also D’s brother’s son and his little boy were there.  It was a great time.  That is where I got the North Dakota Sink Salad recipe.  Let’s just say I made some……ummmm….and now it is all gone.  The stuff is like CRACK.  I also got to see my sister in law, D, and her daughter B, and sweet 9 day old baby boy.  How stange it felt to hold a little tiny baby again.  It made my uterus hurt!

No….we are not doing this again.   Thought about it for a hot minute…..and Nope……we are done with the baby making business…….I am too old for this crap…..

So, we come home.  All I want to do is sleep and cook.  We ate out CONSTANTLY when we were in Fargo.  I put on 10 lbs……no kidding.  Who needs to hit the gym?  This girl!

It was great to have the kids home.  I really did miss them, but I know that they had a great time at Grandma and Grandpa camp.

Oh….and on this past Thursday, my parent’s had a fire.  The contractor messed up.  Started their house on fire.  Proceeded to put most of the fir out himself. And I think that I broke the land speed record between mom and dad’s house and here.  I was ready to kill me a Russian contractor……

So Mom and Dad get a new roof.  And a night at the luxurious local hotel courtesy of the Red Cross….who wants to be reimbursed by the insurance company.  Really?  And you call yourself a NON-PROFIT….. Guess who will never see a dime of my money or a drop of my blood?



And Grandma has leukemia.


So there is really not too much going on around here.  Well, the Flyers are winnning……but miracles never cease.

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  • Sheri says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Grandma. Hope she is doing okay. And yes, I heard your liver screaming. I think mine has been screaming in sympathy (my liver values have been high for two months now with no obvious reason)…

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