May 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

just sucks.  I woke up in a bad mood after a night of bad dreams.  I couldn’t get myself motivated to do much, mostly on account of the grey skies and rain.  The kids were in rare form today.  M is in full on “DIVA” mode….everything belongs to her.   My couch, my bed, my table, my blanket, my toast……but she did say “I love you” today….so that kind of made up for the whole diva routine.

I avoided a major disaster in the basement……gotta hate when a dryer sheet clogs the drain……need I say more?

I had every intention of writing a much better and far more interesting post this morning….I even started writing down topics last night before bed….maybe tomorrow…oh wait….it is haircut day for the twinkies, and Mom and I are “supposed to do each other’s hair coloring”.  Sounds like blast, no?

I will have to find some way to stay awake to watch the 24 finale…..since I know I will hate myself if I don’t…(and some “friend” on facebook will spoil it for me!)

Kids are napping and the dishwasher is finally done….so that means shower time for me….yes, 3 pm.  I am an uber-slacker today.

Oh…and I am quite salty about the Phillies losing to Boston.  Grrrrrrrrr……


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